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Main Street Shops and Restaurants

Main Street Shops and Restaurants

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Disneyana Shop Walt Disney World


The Chapeau:  A hat shop that was on Main Street from Opening Day until March 28, 2021.  The Main Street Confectionery took over the space.  There was an exterior hat box sign that was designed to look like the box from the Christmas scene in Lady and the Tramp that faced the direction of Tony's Town Square Restaurant.

Christmas Shop:  This store was on the east side of Main Street by The Cup 'N' Saucer and Wonderland of Wax.

Cup 'n' Saucer China Shop: Located next to the New Century Clock Shop on the east side of the street, this store sold fine china and gifts by companies such as Lladro and Hummel.  On May 5, 1986, Uptown Jewelers took over the space.  

Disney & Company:  Located on the east side of Main Street next to Uptown Jewelers,  this shop sold toys and souvenirs.  It opened in March of 1972 and closed in 2007 when Crystal Arts relocated into the space.  Disney & Co is also located within Mickey's of Hollywood at Hollywood Studios.

Disneyana Collectibles:  This area sold old and new Disney collectibles.  It closed on October 1, 1996 was later replaced by the Town Square Exposition Hall.

Greenhouse:  Located on Center Street outside of the Hallmark Shop and Disney Clothiers, this outdoor area sold flowers, plants and decorative pottery.  The Emporium later expanded to fill in the entire area of this little side street.  

Center Street Flower Greenhouse Walt Disney World

Holiday Corner:  Opening in 1981, it sold Christmas accessories, candles and wax creations.  It closed in 1986.

Main Street Athletic Club: Formerly the Penny Arcade, House of Magic and Main Street Book Shop, it opened on June 28, 1995 and sold athletic clothing.  In 2006 the name was changed to Hall of Champions.

Main Street Book Store:  Opened in 1989, it sold greeting cards, stationary, books and writing accessories.  It was sponsored by Western Publishing Co and closed March 19, 1995.  It was replaced by the Main Street Athletic Club.

Main Street Gallery: Formerly the Sun Bank branch, this Art of Disney Gallery opened on September 6, 1997 and lasted until April 17, 2004, when it relocated to the King's Gallery in Fantasyland.  The former location became the package pickup location called Main Street Chamber of Commerce.  In November of 2007, Main Street Cinema became the Art of Disney location.

Main Street Stationers:  This shop sold cards, stationary and accessories.  It was sponsored by Gibson Greeting Cards and opened in 1985, replacing the Tobacconist.  In 1989 the location became Main Street Book Store.

Market House: A kitchen shop that closed in 2007.  It had an old-fashioned phone on the wall that guests could use to eavesdrop on a storekeeper phone call.  Crystal Arts later took over the space.

Wonderland of Wax Candle Shop:  This shop was on the East side of Main Street behind the Cup 'n' Saucer.  It featured candle making, wax creations, candles and holders.  It was open from 1971 to 1981 and later became the Holiday Corner.


Borden's Plaza Ice Cream Parlor:  Later the  Sealtest Ice Cream Parlor and then the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor.

Coca-Cola Refreshment Corner:  This Coca-Cola sponsored hot dog snack bar later became Casey's Corner on May 27,1995.  

Crystal Palace:  This elegant building is still a restaurant but used to serve food cafeteria-style.  In 1996, the format changed to an all-you-can-eat buffet.  

Main Street Bake Shop/Main Street Bakery:  Opened in 1971 and originally sponsored by Nestle Toll House, the name changed to Main Street Bakery in August of 2001.  The bakery expanded into the former Crystal Arts location in the spring of 2007.  It closed on January 12, 2013 and reopened in June of that year as a Starbucks.    

Plaza Pavilion:  Opened in 1973, this outlet served hamburgers, hot dogs, and soft drinks.  The Plaza Pavilion was also referred to a Tomorrowland restaurant but it was listed in 1973, 1974 and 1978 park guides as being part of Main Street, hence the inclusion here and in Tomorrowland.  The 1981 park guide lists the Pavilion as part of Tomorrowland.  There is a Plaza restaurant on Main Street that was separate from the Tomorrowland eatery.  On March 16, 2005, it became known as the Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station.  The name was later shortened to Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant.

Sara Lee Bakery:  Later sponsored by Nestle.

The Station Break:  Snacks and soft drinks were available directly below the train station.

Town Square Cafe/Restaurant:  Before this was the Tony's Town Square Italian Restaurant, it had meals in a Victorian setting and was sponsored by Oscar Mayer and later Hormel.  It changed to Tony's Town Square Restaurant on July 24, 1989.

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