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15 Year Anniversary


15 Year Anniversary

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15 Years of Magic Walt Disney World

The Walt Disney World resort turned 15 years old in 1986.  On November 9, 1986, ABC aired Walt Disney World's 15th Birthday Celebration.  Hosted by Bea Arthur and Betty White, the special featured The Monkees, Air Supply, Emmanuel Lewis and other guests.  The Disney Channel had two separate specials in honor of the milestone birthday.  The first was called Magic Celebration-Live! and featured guests including John Sebastian, Miami Sound Machine, Belinda Carlisle and the cast of Kids Incorporated.  The second was called Walt Disney World: A Dream Come True and it focused on the history of the resort, provided a tour of the present day parks and ended with sneak previews of the Studios , Pleasure Island and the Norway pavilion in Epcot.

Walt Disney World 15 Years of Magic prize ticket.

To celebrate the anniversary at Magic Kingdom, there was a parade and both parks gave out a prize every 15 seconds.  Guests were given a ticket when they went through the turnstiles that told them if they won anything.  Prizes ranged from buttons and light-up visors to complimentary tickets to the parks (including Discovery Island) and cars.

This clock was outside the Magic Kingdom gates.

Walt Disney World 15 Year clock

Joe Vancura shared this picture of his winning ticket from July of 1987.

Walt Disney World 15 Years of Magic prize ticket.

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