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Main Street Cinema

Main Street Cinema

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Main Street Cinema Entrance Magic Kingdom

 The Main Street Cinema still exists but it is different from when the park first opened.  It used to be an actual attraction and it used to require a B ticket (later it dropped down to an A ticket). Multiple screens showed films such as Steamboat Willie and Mickey's Polo Team  (although this color film was tinted to a sepia tone).  For many years, there was a mannequin in the ticket window named "Jennifer" whose cast member name tag said she came from Marceline, Missouri.  Disney fans know that this is the town Walt Disney lived in when he was a young boy.  

 In 1994 the theater also showed the film Mickey's Big Break.  This film originally was shown in 1991 at the Disney/MGM Studios as Mickey's Audition and in 1998 it was shown at the Town Square Exposition Hall.  Rob Minkoff directed the film and it featured Roy E. Disney playing the role of Walt Disney.  Mel Brooks, Ed Begley Jr. and Dom DeLuise made appearances in the film.  

 In June of 1998, the theater became a gift shop.  The store still has one screen inside and has featured everything from Laugh-O-Grams to footage of Disney theme parks from around the world.  This store also served at one point as headquarters for the Virtual Magic Kingdom online game.  

Main Street Cinema sign
(Photo courtesy of  Jason Rubin.)

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