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New Century Clock Shop

New Century Clock Shop

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New Century Clock Shop

 This was one of the original Magic Kingdom shops when the park opened in 1971.    It was on the west side of Main Street, next to the Emporium.  There was also a New Century Clock Shop at Disneyland.  The shop sold Elgin watches and clocks but early park maps listed the sponsor as Elgin-Helbros. Elgin National Industries and Disney had signed a five year watch and clock contract in 1971 that stipulated that Elgin be the official manufacturer of timepieces sold in Walt Disney World.  Most of the Disney watches were produced by the Bradley Time Division of Elgin National Industries and bear the Bradley name on the face.

New Century Clock Shop Interior Walt Disney World

 You could buy watches here that commemorated such events as America on Parade, Mickey's 50th Birthday and even a Disco Mickey Mouse watch!  Most watches sold at the theme parks during the 1970s retailed between $6.95 to $100.   The shop closed in April, 1986 and the new timepiece sponsor at the parks became the Seiko Watch Company, which had a subsidiary company named Lorus.  Once New Century Clock Shop closed, Uptown Jewelers took over the selling of Disney timepieces at its shop across the street.   One of the six foot long stained glass panels from the shop was later sold at "Mickey's Attic" during one of the Disneyana conventions.  

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