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Mickey's 50th Birthday Parade

Mickey's 50th Birthday Parade

 Mickey Mouse celebrated his 50th Birthday on November 18, 1978.  A parade was held in his honor at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World during that year.  There was also a TV special that aired on November 19, 1978 called Mickey's 50.  Mickey's 60th Birthday was celebrated in an even bigger way when Mickey's Birthdayland was constucted at the Magic Kingdom in 1988.

Mickey's 50th Birthday parade banner

Minnie and Donald birthday float

Donald in Mickey Birthday parade

Captain Hook Mickey parade

White Rabbit Mickey parade   

Mickey Mouse birthday float

Seven Dwarft Birthday Parade

Mickey Mouse Birthday cake float

Mickey Birthday parade in Town Square

 This record was released by former Monkee Davy Jones in honor of Mickey's 50th birthday.  It was written by Al Kasha and Joel Hirschorn, the same people who wrote the Universe of Energy song.  While not used in the parade, it was an authorized song by the Disney company.

Davy Jones Mickey Mouse Birthday song

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