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Main Street Camera Center

Main Street Camera Center

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 The Camera Center was sponsored by several film companies throughout the years.  Sponsors have included GAF, Polaroid and Kodak.  Located on the right side of Main Street next to The Chapeau Hat shop, it stood ready to provide film, cameras, camera supplies and slides to Guests entering the park.  The shop also dispensed photo tips and handled camera rentals and repairs. The current film company that sponsored the Camera Center usually sponsored the park maps and photo spots throughout the park.  Film processing was also offered and film could be dropped off at the Camera Center and other select spots throughout the Walt Disney World Resort and the developed pictures mailed home.  The store space is now part of the relocated Main Street Confectionary.  The Camera Center was relocated to the Town Square Exposition Hall on August 27,1998 and closed in 2010.  Box Office Gifts occupied the area starting April 1, 2011.  

GAF Sponsorship

Disney GAF ad

 The back of this 1974 park map featured a variety of products from "The Official Film of Walt Disney World".  GAF was known for their Pana-Vue Slides and the variety of slides made for their View-Master 3-D viewer.  There were many different View-Master reel packets made for Disneyland, Walt Disney World and Disney films.  The lobby of The Walt Disney Story featured a photo set up that was used for a Sorcerer's Apprentice View-Master reel.  It is possible that this is the set up that GAF presented to Disney in honor of Mickey's 50th Birthday that is now in the Walt Disney Archives.  GAF also sponsored a Photo Trail in the Magic Kingdom that would direct Guests to the most scenic spots for taking a picture.  The Photo Trail was included in many GAF-issued park maps.  

Walt Disney World GAF Photo Trail

Polaroid and Kodak Sponsorship

 Poloroid became the sponsor in 1979.  During Polaroid's tenure at the Camera Center, you could borrow a Polaroid Sun Camera (with a deposit) to use and only pay for the instant film.  Polaroid also offered picture backdrops where Guests could dress in vintage costumes and pose on the back of a Walt Disney World Railroad car for an instant picture.  Film processing was offered by "Mickey's Film Express".  The film could be dropped off throughout Walt Disney World property and then the developed pictures would be mailed home. The service could handle film, slides and movies and the price depended on the film size.  In 1982, the service was offering processing for the short-lived Kodak Disc film for $4.95.

Mickey's Film Express

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