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Doug Live!

Doug Live!

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Doug Live entrance

 This 25-minute musical show premiered March 15, 1999 and was held at the former location of SuperStar Television.  It was presented several times a day and selected guests were chosen during the 30-minute pre-show to play some of the roles in the show.
   Doug Funnie, a 12-year-old  from Bluffington and his friend Skeeter have gotten tickets to the Beets' Farewell concert tour.  Doug wants to ask Patti Mayonnaise to the show but Roger the bully has beaten him to it.  
 Doug becomes his alter ego Quailman and imagines that he rescues Patti from the evil Dr. Rubbersuit (who looks an awful lot like Roger.)  All appears to be lost until Quailkid (one of the chosen audience members) saves the day.  
 After the fantasy sequence, The Beets (the rest of the chosen audience members) perform their concert and Roger gets taken away by security.  The show ended with Doug walking Patti home and writing in his journal.
 The cast members of this show had colored face make-up to duplicate the colors of the cartoon characters.  Much of the scenery was projected onto a curving backdrop by 10 ceiling-mounted projectors.  Doug and his friends performed their last show May 12, 2001.  The building was later used for The American Idol Experience and later for the For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration.

Doug Live stage show

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