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Doug Live! Stage Musical

Doug Live! Musical Disney Studios

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Doug Live entrance Disney MGM Studios

 The "Doug" cartoon had originally premiered on Nickelodeon in 1991.  In 1996, ABC acquired the show and episodes of "Brand Spanking New! Doug" began airing that year on September 7.  This 30 minute musical show premiered March 15, 1999 to coincide with the  film "Doug's 1st Movie" which was released on March 26th.  The show was held at the former location of SuperStar Television and was presented several times a day.  The cast members of this show had colored face makeup to duplicate the colors of the cartoon characters.  Much of the scenery was projected onto a curving backdrop by ten ceiling-mounted projectors.  Doug Funnie and his friends performed their last show May 12, 2001.  The building was later used for The American Idol Experience and after that for the For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration.

Preshow and Post Show Activities

 The waiting area had video that featured an interview with Doug creator Jim Jenkins.  Once the audience was in the theater, the hostess (usually named "Nancy Ancy" or "Sassafrass") selected adult guests to "audition" for the roles of the Beets by having them dance.  A child was also selected to play the part of Quailkid.  There were meet and greets with Doug and Patti near the show building but they were costumed characters that looked like the animated show, not the performers of the musical.  There were some Doug items made just for this attraction, including at least three pins and a lunchbox but all of them featured the animated likeness of the character.


"21 Jumbo Street"

 The show began with Doug coming out with his dog Porkchop.  The dog throws a bucket at the screen to illuminate the "Live" part of the logo for the show.  Porkchop then turns toward the audience and confetti comes out of the bucket when he throws it.  They play in Doug's bedroom and Doug begins to write in his journal, saying he hasn't had much to say until now.  He proceeds to talk about the events of the past year, when his family moved from Bloatsburg to 21 Jumbo Street in Bluffington.  He then begins to sing "21 Jumbo Street", as the screens to the right of bedroom set begin to show animated projections on a notebook of his family driving to Bluffington.

I start with a circle.  
And then draw a line.
The line's the horizon.
The circle's the sun.  

And maybe some squiggles
that look like a hill.
The hill we drove over,
the day I moved to Bluffington.

No way could I have imagined,
while doing time in our car's backseat.
That the best place in all of the planet,
was at 21 Jumbo Street.
For starters, there's Skeeter.

Skeeter (Animated on the screen.): Yo, Doug!  Honk!  Honk!

Doug:  He's my best pal

Skeeter:  Uh, who're you talking to, man?

Doug:  And then of course, Patti.

Patti (Animated on the screen.):  Hey, you guys!

Skeeter:  Doug thinks she's cool!

Doug:  Skeet!

Skeeter: Oh, sorry, man!

Roger (Animated on the screen.):  And don't forget Roger!  I'm Rich!

Doug: He's sort of a pain.

Characters on Screen: And Porkchop and Chalky and Beebe.

Roger:  And Roger!

All: And all the kids at school.

Roger: Those losers!

Doug:  I guess it kind of surprised me.

(Skeeter, Patti and Roger jump out of the screen and are shown as live actors.)

Skeeter, Patti, and Roger: Surprise!

Doug Live stage show Disney MGM Studios

With Patti, the guys, and Skeet,
that the best friends a kid could imagine,

All:  Were at 21 Jumbo Street!

Did you ever wonder why stuff has to happen,
it happens to happen to who it happens to?
And then when it happens, why it had to happen,
when it happens to happen to you?

Skeeter, Patti, and Roger: Huh?

Doug: Well, me too.

Skeeter:  That's real deep, Doug.

Doug (speaking):  I mean, how I just happened to move to Bluffington.  And well, how on my first day here, I just happened to meet the most incredible girl ever.  Who's initials just happen to be Patti Mayonnaise.  I've been trying to get her to notice me forever!  Oh, but to Patti, I'm just another dopey shoes, floppy shorts, green vest and white t-shirt wearing kind of guy, I guess.  Oh, the crazy thing is, I keep hoping that she'll happen to say something like: (He begins to imagine).  

Patti:  You know, Doug, one of the best things to ever happen to us, is you!

Doug:  Yeah?

Roger:  I think I'm gonna puke!

You start with a new kid.
Figure he's nice.

Yeah, right!
The kind of a doofus,
you're itching to slug!

Patti: Come on, Roger.

Skeeter: Yeah, man!

There's days when he's crazy.
And some when he's sweet.

Skeeter: But he's always your buddy,

Skeeter and Patti:  When he's a guy a lot like Doug!

All: And though it sounds sort of sappy,

Roger: I'll say!

We'll hang out, and we'll all meet.
`Cause the best friends a kid can imagine,
are right here at your own two feet.
And appear with the friends you meet.

Doug:  Here at 21 Jumbo Street.

 Doug tells his journal that only his friend Skeeter Valentine knows of his crush on Patti Mayonnaise.  They have been trying to think of ways Doug can impress her by using a book called "The Really Big Book of Dating for Boys".  Skeeter then comes over and tells Doug that their favorite band the Beets are reuniting for a concert.  They hear on radio station K-Bluff that the 21st caller will win tickets.  Porkchop dials the phone and Doug has to answer the question "What is the name of the song inspired by Chap Lipman's painful gum surgery?".  Thanks to Porkchop throwing the dating book on Doug's foot, he answers correctly with "Watch It Man, That Really Hurts!" and they win tickets.  

Doug Live Show Disney MGM Studios

Doug's Daydream:  Quailman and Dr. Rubbersuit

 At school Skeeter tries to help Doug ask Patti to the show but bully Roger Klotz beats Doug to it.  As Doug walks home, he feels everyone is laughing at him and mocking him for being such a coward.  His imagination takes over and animation appears on the screen telling him he was a coward for not asking Patti out.  He then imagines himself as Quailman.  Porkchop comes out as Quaildog and helps him change into his superhero costume as the off stage "heroic" narrator sings about "The Qualities of the Quail".  While Quailman is in the Thicket of Solitude, he hears a Quail Call from Patti.  She is being held captive by Dr. Rubbersuit, who looks an awful lot like Roger.  

 Patti is being used as bait to lure Quailman to Dr. Rubbersuit's laboratory, so he can use a weapon that looks like a bike helmet to mock Quailman and lower his confidence and build up his own over inflated ego.  Quailman then transforms into one of Doug's other alter egos "Smash Adams" to try and fight off the loss of self esteem but Dr. Rubbersuit turns up the power of his weapon.  Patti sings to him about just being himself.  Dr. Rubbersuit moves to "Step Three" which is mindless taunting.  Quaildog communicates with him telepathically and tells him to be himself.  He then brings out the child cast as "Quailkid", who leads the audience in telling Quailman they believe in him.  Quailkid and Porkchop destroy Dr. Rubbersuit's machine and he disappears in a cloud of smoke.  

The Beets Concert

 After the fantasy sequence, Doug and Skeeter go to The Beets concert, where the rest of  the chosen audience members perform as the band.  While the Beets are performing "You Make the Call", Roger appears on the stage and gets taken away by security.  Patti meets Doug and Skeeter after the show and after Skeeter bows out to buy Beets tour merchandise, Doug walks Patti home.  She tells him that even though she went to the show with Roger, it wasn't date.  She tells him she rather go out with someone like him and she gives him some Red Hots candy.  After she leaves, Doug tells his journal that he tried so hard to impress Patti by being something that he wasn't when he should've just been himself.  The cast reprises "21 Jumbo Street" and then they all go to Swirly's.  Skeeter tells Doug that "be yourself" is a "cool theme" to which Doug responds "Why do you think they call it a theme park?".    

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