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Ace Ventura Pet Detective: Live in Action

Ace Ventura Pet Detective: Live in Action

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Ace Ventura Pet Detective Live in Action show

 This small stunt show appeared in late 1995 to promote the film "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls".  It took place in the New York Backlot and was performed about five times a day.  The Ace Ventura films were not made by Disney and the use of the Ace character was licensed from Morgan Creek Productions.  A Cast Member who channeled Jim Carrey played Ace and used many of his trademark phrases during the show.  

The Show:

 The emcee would tell the crowd that Ace would be coming out of his office in just a few moments to sign autographs and talk about being the world's most famous pet detective.  The emcee would gesture over to Ace's office as a fanfare played but he wouldn't come out.  The emcee would remind Ace that the music was his cue but there was still no sign of activity by the office.  After leading the audience in calling for Ace, the pet detective would appear on top of the building and grapple down onto the stage.  

 Ace was then asked about his movie and to give some impressions of Africa.  After doing a Tarzan yell, Ace directs everyone to look up on the roof as "the mother of all spiders" (played by a puppet) scurries by.  The emcee then reads from a flier saying the rare spider is missing from the private arachnid collection of an entomologist and millionaire.  Ace then tells the spider to stay put.  The theme from "Mission: Impossible" plays as Ace uses a rope to swing Tarzan-style up to the fence/barrier that blocked off the street.  He would act like he was dangerously balancing on the fence before going down a tornado slide and entering his office.

 While the door to the office was shut, the emcee would remind Ace that the spider was actually on the roof.   The sound of a toilet was heard flushing and then as Ace stuck his head out of the window of the office, several birds would fly out.  He warned "Do NOT go in there!" and waved his hand to signify the office needed better ventilation.  Ace then exited the office through a hatch in the roof and climbed a ladder/fire escape to one of the buildings.  After warning people "not to try this at home", he continued to climb up the building and used a telescope to find the spider.  

 After going to the roof of the building, he used a zip line to cross above the street and land on the opposite building where the spider was sighted.  He would sneak  up on it, jump down, and grab it.  It got stuck on his face and he let go of it.  He dived for it again and can't find it because it was on his back.  It then climbd up his pants and after "checking his fly", he finally caught it.  The emcee then tells Ace to come down and sign some autographs.  At first he says no but then relents when he realizes the audience members may be potential clients. He throws down a rope but then decides to take the stairs.  Crashing sounds are heard and it appears that he falls through the roof of the building, while some smoke and confetti then gets shot into the air.  

Alternate Versions and Postshow

 In some versions of the show,  Ace would arrive at the New York Backlot in his car and start his search for a missing albino bat (probably "Shikaka" from the second film).  Regardless of the show version, guests could meet Ace after the performance and see props from the film "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls".  There were also two photo spots.  Thank you to Julie Ilene for sharing the two pictures below.  

Ace Ventura photo backdrop.

Ace Ventura photo spot.
(Thanks to SJHYM, TDLFAN, BuzzLightyear84, ToonKirby, trafficpharm, daffy1 and JimmyMack SC from  for memories of the show.)

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