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SuperStar Television

SuperStar Television

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SuperStar Television Exterior Disney MGM Studios

 This opening day attraction was sponsored by Sony.  Prior to the park's grand opening, some publicity materials referred to this attraction as "Disney Television Theater".  In the holding area, guests tried to get the emcee's attention so they could be in the show.  Once all the players were "cast", they were taken backstage for costumes and make-up.  In the early years of the attraction, the rest of the audience saw an introduction film hosted by Alan Alda on the overhead monitors.  The audience was then led into a 1,000 seat theater.    

The Main Show

 Eight six-foot wide projection screens made sure that everyone in the audience could see what was going on. Through the marvels of modern technology (a bluescreen), guests on the stage were shown appearing on SuperStar Television Channel One in the following shows:

The broadcast day begins at 7:59 A.M.,  July 18th, 1955 with the chimes to the tune of "When You Wish Upon a Star".  An episode of  "Today" airs with a newscast given by an audience member that features a story on the opening of Disneyland.

"The Howdy Doody" show with a sing-a-long of the theme song featuring the SuperStar Television audience as the Peanut Gallery.

The "I Love Lucy" episode "Job Switching" (airing "Monday night at nine") which featured the famous chocolate candy conveyer belt.  An audience member played the role of Ethel Mertz.

The emcee then speaks about television transitioning to color in the 1960s and the following shows are then acted out:

A typical soap opera scenario featuring Sonya and Donald on "General Hospital" (at "12 o' clock noon").

"Sundays are great on Channel One" with a promo for "Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color" running at 7:00 while the promo for "The Ed Sullivan Show" at 8:00 features people in the audience and another group of participants as the "Vonzells" performing "Da Doo Ron Ron".

A promo for "Bonanza" at 9:00 is then shown, with a child from the audience as a cowboy.

The opening to "Gilligan's Island" featured audience members as the Skipper, Thurston Howell III, Ginger and the Professor.  

SuperStar Television Gilligan's Island Disney MGM Studios

News footage of the Apollo 11 moon landing was then shown featuring Walter Cronkite.  It is revealed that Neil Armstrong's famous speech came from cue cards held up by one of the audience participants.  

An audience member dressed as a waiter gets involved in a pie fight with the Three Stooges.  (Airing "Weekdays at 4:00".)

A Sony Trinitron television ad was then shown on the monitors with a succession of shots showing a baby progressing into an old man with a TV "designed to last".

An episode of "Cheers" airing at 9:00 in the evening featuring audience members as people in the bar.

SuperStar Television stage show Cheers Disney MGM Studios

"The Golden Girls" episode "To Catch a Neighbor" featuring audience members as their neighbors the McDowells and the police.

"Howard Cosell's Sports Break" with a child playing the part of the baseball player that wins the game.

SuperStar Television stage show Howard Cosell Disney MGM Studios

"The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson interviewing an audience member playing a movie star who talks about how bad they play the accordion.  

"The Late Show with David Letterman" with a segment on what the audience of SuperStar Television wants to see dropped off of a five story tower.  A member of the audience then asks Dave why he doesn't do something educational.  Cut to Dave dropping six packs of regular and light beer down to the ground to illustrate the forces of gravity.  Another member of the audience then asks to see something food related dropped so Dave drops a stocking full of lard.  Another guest asks Dave to do something with a turkey so he drops a frozen turkey from the tower onto a trampoline.  The rest of the audience is prompted to shout "More!" and Dave does a finale with various items such as bowling balls and watermelons.

  The show was altered slightly through the years and later included clips from "Empty Nest" and "Home Improvement".  The last SuperStar Television show was held on September 26, 1998 and was replaced by the Doug Live! show in the spring of 1999.  The building was later used for The American Idol Experience and the theater was called SuperStar Television Theater as a tribute. The building was later renamed The Hyperion Theater in 2015 when For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration opened.     

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