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Disney/MGM Studios Parking Lot

Disney/MGM Studios Parking Lot

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Mickey Comedy parking lot Disney MGM Studios

 Parking tickets from the early years of the Disney-MGM Studios did not contain parking lot names.  Tickets referred to Aisle 1-41 as the "Main Parking Lot" and there were 4,500 spaces.  At some point the parking areas were finally named on the back of the parking tickets.  This probably happened when the Sunset Boulevard expansion opened in 1994 and this was also probably when the parking lot was increased by 22 aisles for a total of 7,500 spaces.  Aisle 1-21 was Comedy.  Aisle 22-36 was Romance.  Aisle 37-47 was Western and Aisle 48-63 was Mystery.  The sections were later renamed in 1999 to Television, Stage, Film and Music and the signage artwork was changed.  The signs in these pictures were taken in 1997 and 1998.  

Donald Western parking lot Disney MGM Studios

Sample Parking Prices at Disney-MGM Studios/Disney's Hollywood Studios:

1989-1990: $3.00

1991-1994: $4.00

1995-2000: $5.00

2001-2003: $6.00

2004: $7.00

2006: $8.00

2009: $11.00

2011-2013: $14.00

2014: $15.00

2015: $17.00


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