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Monster Sound Show/ABC Sound Studio

Monster Sound Show/ABC Sound Studio

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 Monster Sound Show was an opening day attraction at the Disney-MGM Studios.  Like SuperStar Television, this show was also sponsored by Sony.  The holding area featured a video hosted by David Letterman, who warned that "If you break anything, security guards in mouse suits will beat you senseless."  Once guests entered the 270-seat theater for the fifteen minute attraction, the emcee selected members of the audience to be "Foley" sound artists and spoke with a Cast Member up in the control room who acted as the sound engineer.  A Chevy Chase/Martin Short film with lots of sound effects was then shown.  

Walt Disney World Monster Sound Show

The Movie

 A spooky mansion is shown during a stormy night as organ music plays. A man named Mr. Lucky (Chevy Chase) carrying an umbrella and whistling "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" enters through the gate.  He almost trips and says "Whoops".  He knocks on a door that says "Solicitors Welcome".  Cut to inside, where Simon (Martin Short) is reading the book "Death of a Salesman".  Various salesmen are shown to have met an untimely death, including one with a brush through his head.  Simon walks and sounds like Igor from "Frankenstein" as he goes to answer the door.  He looks through the peephole, quite excited that it may be a salesman.  

Upon seeing Mr. Lucky he pulls a rope to open the door.  Mr. Lucky finds the door open and walks in, calling out "Hello!"  Anybody home?".  He then accidentally stabs Simon in the foot with his umbrella, causing him to let go of the rope and making a chandelier crash to the ground.  Mr. Lucky announces that he's with Lucky Life Insurance and brushes aside some bats and enters the library. He remarks that it's a "nice place" He sees a statue of a dog on the fireplace mantel and taps it on the head.  As he says "Hi pooch!" it barks and he knocks things off the mantel, causing a foghorn to sound and a secret passage in the bookshelf to revolve and reveal Simon holding a bomb and a lighter.  

Simon burns his hand and doesn't realize that a candle has ignited the fuse on his bomb.  Mr. Lucky pulls a rope that activates the foghorn sound and causes the bookshelf with Simon to rotate around.  A  "Goofy Yell" is heard as he disappears with the lit bomb as the bookshelf rotates.  Mr. Lucky turns around and doesn't realize what happened, still calling out "Hello?".  He remarks that no one is there when the bomb explodes.  He walks out of the house unharmed, still humming "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah".  He then realizes he forgot to leave a business card and looks for one inside of his coat.  As he leaves the house, lightening strikes a tree that Simon is in.  Mr. Lucky gets out of the way just in time due to the audience yelling "Look out!".  He looks at the camera and thanks the audience for warning him and then steps over fallen the tree branch.  Mr. Lucky throws a buried Simon his business card which reads "Lucky Life Insurance.  Accidents are our policy".

Audience Participation

After the film was shown, selected audience members in four different stations were instructed on what effects they had to make:

Station One:
The person in this station was responsible for creating sounds for:
Rain and thunder
The crashing chandelier
A sliding peephole
A crackling fire
Door knobs and doors closing
The sliding library doors

Station Two:
The person in this station controlled an electronic console that included the barking dog, broken glass, foghorn and Goofy yell.  The station two participant also voiced Simon's groans.

Station Three (Foley Pit):
The person in this station walked on four different surfaces that included gravel, cement, marble and wood.  They were also responsible for sound effects such as closing books, striking matches, bats flying and Mr. Lucky falling down.  

Station Four:
The person in this station created the wind, rotating bookcase sound, squeaking gate, squeaking door, umbrella in Simon's foot, the chiming clock, the taps on the dog's head and the explosion.

Rest of the Audience:
Yelled "Look Out" when a cue card was held up.  

The film was then replayed again with the audience members creating the sound effects.  It was then shown a final time with the newly-created film soundtrack.

Postshow and Other Attractions

 After the show, guests could visit SoundWorks to create their own sound effects.  The Eerie Encounters section allowed visitors to recreate sounds from Forbidden Planet.  Guests could dub in the voice of Roger Rabbit at Movie Mimics and encounter realistic sounds at Soundsations. The Monster Sound Show changed formats on July 1, 1997 and became ABC Sound Studio.  It featured Disney's One Saturday Morning lineup.  Seven guests were chosen to create sound effects for 101 Dalmatians: The Series.  It closed on February 20, 1999 and later changed to Sounds Dangerous starring Drew Carey.  Sounds Dangerous ran from April 22, 1999-May 18, 2012.  On March 4, 2020, the area became Mickey Shorts Theater.

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