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Walt Disney World Parking Lots and Trams

Walt Disney World Parking Lots and Trams

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Parking Lot

Early Walt Disney World Parking Tickets

 The Magic Kingdom Parking lot had 9,000 spaces on Opening Day.  It was enlarged to 12,000 by the next year.  The blue ticket on the left is from the 20th day of park operation.  It was printed by Rolling Press Inc in Winter Park, Florida.  The back of the ticket had the two-color map shown below.  The red ticket is from a few years later and was printed by Globe Ticket Co. in Atlanta.  Globe also printed the ticket books for the Magic Kingdom.  

Sample Parking Prices at the Transportation and Ticket Center:

Early 1970s: 30 cents
1983: $1.00
1986-1987: $2.00
1989-1990: $3.00
1991-1994: $4.00
1995-2000: $5.00
2001-2003: $6.00
2004: $7.00
2011-2013: $14.00
2014: $15.00
2015: $17.00

Early Walt Disney World Parking Lot Map

In the fall of 2011, the Magic Kingdom parking lot names were changed.  The lot was divided into the red "villains" side and blue "heroes" side.  The aisle numbers in each lot were the same with the exception of Donald.  The amount of aisle numbers assigned to that lot were reduced and the numbers possibly reassigned for the disabled parking area between Ursula and Zurg.  The lot names were changed to the following:

Bashful: Cruella
Grumpy: Scar
Dopey: Zurg
Sneezy: Ursula
Happy: Hook
Sleepy: Jafar
Donald: Rapunzel
Goofy: Peter Pan
Minnie: Aladdin
Daisy: Mulan
Pluto: Simba
Chip & Dale: Woody


Early Walt Disney World Parking Trams

 Trams were and still are integral to shuttling guests from the parking lot to the Transportation and Ticket Center with speed and efficiency.  There were some growing pains along the way. Arrow Development built the cars for the original trams but Disney contracted United Tractor to build the engines to pull the cars.  Since there were only three monorails operating on Opening Day, the trams were pressed into service to shuttle guests to the Magic Kingdom entrance.  

 There was a service road with a five-percent grade that passed under the Seven Seas Lagoon which the engines just couldn't handle.  United Tractor was unable to offer a fix but Imagineer Bob Gurr created a power pack that worked so Disney hurriedly built seventeen units in twelve days and made United Tractor pay for them.  Even with the power packs, the trams still were having issues with the grade.  Disney's MAPO under the direction of Arnold Lindberg built 24 trams that arrived six months later.  The old tractors were later used as utility haulers at the Disney Studios in Burbank.  The trams with the orange and brown stripes were also used to shuttle guests at the Fort Wilderness Resort until they were replaced by buses in the early 1990s.

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