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Millennium Celebration/Millennium Village

Millennium Celebration/Millennium Village

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Millennium Celebration

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 Walt Disney World Celebrated the coming of the year 2000 and the Millennium in a big way.  All of the parks participated in the "Celebrate the Future Hand in Hand" theme but Epcot was the main headquarters for all of the festivities.  
 The most conspicuous change for the Millennium was the giant numerical 2000 and 116-foot Mickey hand next to Spaceship Earth.  Leave a Legacy enabled guests to leave a picture of themselves on one of the monoliths near the front entrance to the park.  There was also a special postmark and pin trading station in Future World.  
 World Showcase got its first parade since the short-lived World Showcase Parade with Tapestry of Nations as well as a new night show: IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth.  
 The 2000 on Spaceship Earth was later changed to say "Epcot" and Tapestry of Nations was revamped into a parade called Tapestry of Dreams.  
 One thing that did not survive past the year 2000 was Millennium Village.  The actual building is still there but it is now used as a backstage area.  Since 2001 it has been referred to as World Showplace and is sometimes used for special events.

Spaceship Earth Mickey wand

Millennium Village

Millennium Village was a new pavilion that was between Canada and the United Kingdom.  It featured exhibits from countries that did not previously have a World Showcase presence.  Highlights included:
BRASIL: Visit the Amazon Rain Forest, experience Carnaval, and play a cyber-version of soccer.  Presented by Varig and Embratur.
SCOTLAND: Learn how Scotland has contributed to world culture as you play miniature golf.  Presented by Scotland the Brand and Scottish Enterprise.
SAUDI ARABIA: Take a virtual tour and hear stories from the past.  Presented by the U.S.-Saudi Arabian Business Council.
ERITREA: Take part in a traditional coffee ceremony with representatives from this East African nation.  Presented by The State of Eritrea, Ministry of Tourism.
SWEDEN: Walk through four 30-foot tall eggs that recreate the seasons in Sweden.  Presented by ABB, Skandia, and The Kingdom of Sweden.
CHILE: Discover how Chileans harvest fog for drinking water and see the "Moai of Peace".  Presented by the Wine Association of Chile.  
ISRAEL: Walk down a recreation of an ancient street paved with real Jerusalem stone.  Presented by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, State of Israel.
 You could also sample food and buy mementos from around the world.  The World Showplace featured Tivoli Gardens puppet shows from Denmark, as well as other live performances and a video tour of Venezuela.  Artisans from countries such as Lebanon, Peru, Thailand, Egypt, Greece and South Korea worked inside a yurt structure from the Kyrgrz Republic.

Millennium Village  

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