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Epcot Shows and Parades

Epcot Shows and Parades

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Night Shows at Epcot

 Not many people remember that there were night shows at Epcot before IllumiNations.  The first one was called Le Carnival de Lumiere and it debuted on October 23, 1982.  It used floating barges with rear-projection effects but it could only be viewed from certain areas of the lagoon near the entrance to World Showcase.  The next nighttime show was A New World Fantasy in the summer of 1983.  This production used Pichel lights. Laserphonic Fantasy premiered on June 9, 1984.  It featured music by Don Dorsey.  World Showcase countries were not spotlighted until IllumiNations began on January 30, 1988.  The show was changed for Walt Disney World's 25th Anniversary and called IllumiNations 25.  It was then replaced by IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth during the Millennium Celebration.  

Other Epcot Shows


Brian Martsoft submitted this photo of the American Gardens Theater before it was covered up.

American Gardens uncovered

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