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Universe of Energy

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Universe of Energy postcard

 This Exxon (later ExxonMobil)-sponsored pavilion hosted two shows during its lifetime.  The original preshow was called Energy, You Make the World Go 'Round.  It featured a film that was shown on a 14-by-90-foot screen made up of 100 rotating projection triangles that could flip in sync.  Czech filmmaker Emil Radok, who created the effect, called it a "kinetic mosaic".  Images of energy in use were shown during the preshow, such as falling water, windmills, fire, coal and jet engines.  The song played during the preshow was Energy (You Make the World Go 'Round).  It was written by Bob Moline, who also wrote Listen to the Land.

Universe of Energy moving screens

Energy (You Make the World Go 'Round) Lyrics

Listen and you'll hear the heartbeat,
of a universe teeming with force.
See all the forms and the faces,
of nature taking its course.

And feel all the wonderful motion,
flowing through things far and near.
Nature will share her secrets,
when we are ready to hear.

Energy, these are a few of your faces,
glowing in timeless places.
Bringing our lives new graces.

Energy, there is no living without you,
we must keep learning about you.
Now is the time to find how to.

Energy, you are profound,
you make the world go 'round and 'round.
You make the world go 'round.
You make the world go 'round.
You make the world go 'round.

Theater 1: Energy Creation Story

 Guests then moved into a theater, where they were seated in large cars.  A four and a half minute animated  film called the Energy Creation Story was then shown on a screen that was 32 feet tall and 155 feet wide.  The film showed the formation of fossil fuels during the primeval time of dinosaurs.  

Narrator: Sunlight.  The original source of energy in all fossil fuels.  Its radiance falling upon the seas of Earth, gives rise to the first stirrings of life.  Myriads of creatures evolved, feeding upon plants and each other, capturing the sun's energy for themselves.  As death comes, there begins a ceaseless silent snowfall of organic matter, drifting downward with other sediments, accumulating layer after layer upon the ocean floor.  Finally, time, heat, and pressure transform the sediments into shale, entombing countless remains of marine life.  Eons of time pass.  The shale is buried still more deeply and its organic material transformed into oil and gas.  These fossil fuels then begin to creep into surrounding layers of more permeable rock.  The endless retching of the Earth's crust, causes these strata to be folded and broken, sometimes trapping oil and gas in the porous rock.  On the surface, vast new forms of plant life take root.  As sunlight floods the lush primeval forests, every plant and tree captures a bit of this energy.  In the ageless cycle of life, these living things too wither and fall.  In marshy areas, the decaying limbs and leaves form a spongy mass of peat.  For near endless millennia, the process continues until marshes and swamps finally disappear, sinking deeper under cover of mud and sand.  Once again heat, pressure, and time work a remarkable transformation.  The peat turns into coal.  The formation of fossil fuels occurred over a span of millions upon millions of years.  Much of the Earth's present supply was deposited during the primeval era when great reptiles roamed the land.  Come with us now and experience a few moments from that dark and mysterious past.

 As the film ended, the cars began to move and went into the area of the pavilion with Audio-Animatronic dinosaurs.  This was the only part of the building not changed (except for the addition of an Ellen figure and some of the dinosaurs being repainted) during the pavilion renovation.
 After the moving past the dinosaurs, the cars entered the Energy Information Center, where a twelve and a half minute film was shown.  The film depicted the ongoing quest for energy and went to places such as Alaska and the North Sea.  A shot of a Space Shuttle launch ended the film.  The screen for this movie was 210 feet wide and circled 220 degrees around the audience.
 The show concluded as the cars moved into a room with mirrored surfaces and early computer-animated images would morph and display a light show as The Universe of Energy was played.  It was written by Al Kasha and Joel Hirschorn.

The Universe of Energy Lyrics

Feel the flow, here we go,
through the Universe of Energy.
Feel it grow, see it glow,
it's the Universe of Energy.

Come through time, set the course.
Sail the wind, tap the source.
From the sea, to the skies,
there's a force beyond our eyes.

Feel the flow, here we go,
through the Universe of Energy.
Feel it grow, see it glow,
it's the Universe of Energy.

Cross the bridge, future bound.
There's a flame, all around.
From the sea, to the skies,
there's a force beyond our eyes.

Feel the flow, here we go,
through the Universe,
the Universe,
the Universe,
Of Energy.  
Of Energy.  

Once the show was over, the energy fun continued at the Energy Exchange located in CommuniCore East.  For many years, this was the place to pick up a free Universe of Energy comic book featuring Mickey and Goofy.

Universe of Energy comic book
 Although well researched, the show inside the building was often put down by guests, who viewed it as too dry and academic.  Imagineers tried to address these issues when Universe of Energy was remodeled into Ellen's Energy Adventure.  The new show premiered on September 15, 1996 but Exxon ceased to sponsor the attraction in 2004.  The last show was on August 13, 2017.  

 For those who missed the old show, there was an in-joke during the Final Jeopardy scene in Ellen's Energy Adventure about the Energy (You Make the World Go 'Round) song and you could also sometimes hear an instrumental version of the song at the entrance to Epcot by Spaceship Earth.

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