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World Showcase Parade

World Showcase Parade

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Epcot World Showcase parade dragon

 Not many people are familiar with this short-lived parade, although the song was later used during the finale of the Skyleidoscope lagoon show.  The Sherman Brothers have this to say about it in their book Walt's Time (You can buy this excellent book by going to the Amazon link at the bottom of the page):

 "On the night of October 1st, 1982, at the celebration of EPCOT Center's Grand Opening, a park full of invited guests became members of a small but elite group: those who were lucky enough to see the short-lived 'World Showcase Parade'.  Hundreds of dancers, musicians and costumed characters marched all the way around the mile-long World Showcase Promenade, accompanied by our theme 'There's No Place Like World Showcase.  It was a colorful, inventive and fun parade, but for a variety of reasons, it was only performed a handful of times before it disappeared forever, ensconced in the world of Disney legend."

Epcot World Showcase parade butterfly float

The lyrics to No Place Like World Showcase come courtesy of brotherdave from

Side by side,
the flags are flying high.
They form a happy rainbow of all nations.

Here you see,
all nationalities,
as proudly they display their great creations.

All aglow,
each country's come to show,
its history, achievements, aspirations.

There is no place
like World Showcase,
on the face of the whole wide world.

Oh, there's no-o place,
like World Show-o-case,
on the face of the whole wide world!


Yes, there's no-o place,
like World Show-o-case,
on the face of the whole wide world!

Side by side,
all nations are alive,
to welcome you and make you feel at home here.

Sights and sounds
exotically abound,
the wonders of the world all set the tone here.

All aglow
each country's come to show,
the world is yours wherever you may roam here.

of all nations,
where the welcome mat's always unfurled!

Oh, there's no place,
like World Showcase,
on the face of the whole wide world!

Epcot World Showcase parade catepillar

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