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Snow White's Scary Adventures: Second Version (1994-2012) Photo and Video Gallery

Snow White's Scary Adventures: Second Version (1994-2012) Photo and Video Gallery

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Snow White's Scary Adventures: Second Version (1994-2012)

Wicked Witch sign Snow White's Scary Adventures

 In 1994, the ride was completely remodeled with different scenes.  At first the word "Scary" was removed from the title of the new ride but was added back in because young children were still frightened by the Witch.  The Dwarf figures that were previously used in the stair scene of the original ride were reused, with two appearing in the mine while the rest were used in the climatic scene with the Witch.  This was not the only case of recycling in the attraction.  In the scene inside the cottage of the Dwarfs, the Dwarf figures performing "The Silly Song" were similar to the designs used in the Mickey Mouse Revue!    

Recycled Dwaves from Mickey Mouse Revue

 The ride vehicles were enlarged and a third row was added to each car.  The biggest change is that the attraction actually featured Snow White in the ride and there was now a happy ending with Snow White being woken up by the Prince.  The Snow White attraction at Walt Disney World closed on May 31, 2012 and was replaced by the Princess Fairy Tale Hall.  The two vultures and five of the dwarf figures were later reused in the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction.  The gallery on this page features photos of the loading area, along with a full video of the ride filmed shortly before it closed for good in 2012.

Snow White's Scary Adventures Figures

The Loading Area

Snow White queue     Snow White Loading Area

Prince in Snow White Queue    Snow White queue with Queen and Hunter   
    Snow White queue wishing well

Snow White ride vehicles

Snow White ride control panel

Snow White rider sign

Full Video of Snow White's Scary Adventures

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