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Snow White's Scary Adventures: First Version (1971-1994)

Snow White's Scary Adventures: First Version (1971-1994)

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Original Version: 1971-1994

Snow White's Scary Adventures entrance

 Snow White's Scary Adventures was an original opening day attraction.  When ticket books were used, it required a C coupon.  Similar to the original Disneyland version of the ride, Snow White did not appear in the attraction.  Guests were supposed to pretend that they were Snow White but often didn't understand the concept.  Perhaps at Walt Disney World, Snow White was too busy appearing in the Mickey Mouse Revue to be in her own ride, although the Dwarfs managed to appear in both attractions.  

 The original ride vehicles had two rows that could seat 4 people and each car was named after one of the Seven Dwarfs.  The loading area showed the cottage belonging to the Dwarfs and the ride began in the castle courtyard, where Snow White could be heard singing "I'm Wishing".  As the cars entered the castle, the Queen could been seen parting the curtains in a window and looking down at the riders.  Once in the castle, the riders would briefly see themselves in a mirror while watching the Queen say "Mirror, mirror on the wall".  As she turned around, the Witch appeared and said "I am the fairest one of all!"

Snow White Wicked Witch

The dungeon featured skeletons warning the riders to go away, as the Witch made a poisoned apple.  As the cars escaped the castle, the Witch appeared on a boat with the apple, as crocodiles moved in the water.  The next scene was a menacing forest, with shrieking trees that turned and appeared to reach toward the cars.  Escaping the forest led to the cottage of the Dwarfs.  The house offered no safety to the rider, as the forest animals have fearful looks and the Dwarfs are climbing up the stairs to check out a menacing shadow.

Inside Snow White's Scary Adventures

 The Witch appears by the door of the cottage with her apple.  The vehicles then go outside, where the Witch appears from behind a tree with two vultures in its branches.  The cars enter the diamond mine of the Dwarfs, but the Witch is there too, gleefully saying "Enjoy your ride!" before trying to remove one of the mine supports.  She also causes a cart of gems to nearly crash into the riders, before shrieking "Goodbye, dearie!" as she prepares to push a giant gem onto the cars.  The next room featured a strobe effect with stars, which implied that the witch had an accurate aim and sent the riders into the hereafter.  

Prepping figures for Snow White's Scary Adventures

Once back in the loading area, the well-known recording featuring a woman's voice would be heard: "Please step out to your left.  Please step out to your left.  Step out to your left please.  When the car stops, step out to your left".

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