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Fantasyland Walt Disney World

Fantasyland Walt Disney World

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Walt Dated World's Fantasyland

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Fantasyland logo

Ariel's Grotto:  You could meet Ariel by the submarine lagoon from October 1, 1996-April 12, 2010.

Cinderella's Golden Carrousel: Still in Fantasyland it but was renamed Prince Charming Regal Carrousel on June 1, 2010.  Originally the carrousel had 90 horses and no chariots.

Fantasy Faire:  This area was used for outdoor stage shows and later as additional seating for Pinocchio Village Haus.  In January of 1995, it became known as Fantasyland Pavilion before closing in 1996.  On May 19, 1995 the former Mad Hatter shop became known by the Fantasy Faire name.

Sword in the Stone Ceremony:  Merlin presided over a short show where he first selected an adult to try to pull the sword.  After they failed, he would have a child try and they would succeed.  The victor would get a special medal.  The ceremony ran from 1994-2006 but guests are still occasionally selected to pull it if they are selected for a "Magical Moment".  

The entrance of It's a Small World before it was remodeled in 2005.

Former entrance to It's a Small World Walt Disney World

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