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Fantasyland Shops and Restaurants

Fantasyland Shops and Restaurants

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The AristoCats:  This shop opened in November of 1971 and was spelled with a capital "C", unlike the movie. It sold gifts, toys and souvenirs.  It closed in 1996 along with Mickey's Christmas Carol to become Sir Mickey's.  

Castle Camera Shop:  It sold film, slides and information.

Disneyana:  It opened on April 15, 1983 and featured old and new Disney collectibles.  The shop later moved to Main Street before changing names and locations to become the Main Street Gallery.

Fantasyland Art Festival:  Guests could have their portrait done at this stand.  It became Enchanted Grove in 1983.

Fantasyland Kiosk:  It sold plush toys, film and information.  

The King's Gallery: This Arribas Brothers shop was located inside the entryway of Cinderella Castle and opened in December of 1972.  The store closed on July 5, 2007 was replaced by Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.  

The Mad Hatter:  It had theme and character hats, as well as monogramming.  On May 19, 1995, it became Fantasy Faire and sold Lion King items during the run of Legend of the Lion King show.  Once the Legend of the Lion King closed, the store was remodeled to match the theme of Mickey's PhilharMagic.  There was also an outdoor area for shows and seating called Fantasy Faire near the Pincocchio Village Haus.  The picture below was an actual door in Fantasy Faire/Mad Hatter that led down to the Utiladoors.  

Mad Hatter shop door knob

Merlin's Magic Shop:  Opened in March of 1972 and closed in May of 1986.  It featured magic tricks, monster masks, puzzles and books.  It later became Mickey's Christmas Carol and then Sir Mickey's.  

Mickey's Christmas Carol:  Before there was a Christmas shop in Liberty Square, this store sold Christmas ornaments, accessories and wax creations.  It was open year-round but closed in March of 1996 to be replaced by Sir Mickey's.

Mickey's Christmas Carol Shop Walt Disney World

Nemo's Niche:  A former ticket booth, it sold plush toys, film and information.

Pooh's Thotful Shop:  This shop was located at the exit of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.  On November 15, 2010, it became known as Hundred Acre Goods.  

Royal Candy Shoppe:  This shop sold hard candy.

Tinker Bell Toy Shoppe:  This store opened in November of 1971.  On December 6, 1992, it became known as Tinker Bell's Treasures.  In 2008 part of the shop became known as Tinker Bell's Fairy Treasures while the rest was Castle Couture.  This last shop closed in February of 2010 and became part of Castle Couture.

Tinker Bell's Treasures toy shop


Enchanted Grove:  This stand was formerly the Fantasyland Art Festival and opened in March of 1983.  It featured citrus drinks and citrus swirl soft-serve beverages.  It was first sponsored by Florida Citrus Growers.  Later sponsored by Minute Maid,  it featured ice cream swirls,  slushes, and lemonade.  It was replaced by Cheshire Cafe on November 10, 2011.
Gurgi's Munchies & Crunchies:  This took the place of Lancer's Inn.  It opened October 26, 1986 and closed February 13, 1993.  It featured entrees for children such as chicken nuggets and grilled cheese served in a special box.  There were also sandwiches and chips for adults.  Gurgi's later became Lumiere's Kitchen, The Village Fry Shoppe and then The Friar's Nook.

Lancer's Inn:  At one time this stand was the only place that served pizza in the Magic Kingdom.  It also served Key Lime and apple pies.  It closed in 1986 and was replaced by Gurgi's Munchies & Crunchies.  

Mrs. Potts' Cupboard:  Formerly The Round Table, this location sold ice cream and drinks.  It opened in March of 1994 and closed December 13, 2010 to become Storybook Treats.

Round Table:  This snack stand featured Borden (later Sealtest) soft-serve ice cream, snacks and beverages.  It also later served pizza.  It later became Mrs. Pott's Cupboard.

Tournament Tent:  It first featured frozen fruit slush drinks (including one called Strawberry swirl that had strawberry soft-serve swirled in with strawberry slush), ham and cheese subs and beverages.  It was only open seasonally.  It later featured soft drinks and milkshakes.

Troubadour Tavern:  Welch's grape juice and juice bars were featured.  It was only open seasonally.  It later featured soft drinks, lemonade and snacks.

Village Fry Shoppe:  Formerly Lancer's Inn, Gurgi's Munchies & Crunchies and Lumiere's Kitchen.  This stand opened on May 1, 2006 and served McDonald's French fries.  It closed in 2009 and became The Friar's Nook.  

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