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Unbuilt Epcot Future World Concepts

Unbuilt Epcot Future World Concepts

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Epcot: Future World

 Almost everyone knows that EPCOT Center was originally designed as a city where people lived and worked.  There are many concept paintings from this version of Epcot but Walt Deleted World's focus is on Epcot as a theme park and the attractions that were never built for it.  The original idea for Epcot was carried out in a somewhat modified form at the town of Celebration.

Unbuilt CommuniCore Concepts

 CommuniCore East and West were designed so the building could expand outward toward the monorail berm if needed.  This was never done, although there were a few expansions outward toward the walkway, such as the new entrance to Centorium.  At one point there was going to be a WEDway PeopleMover that looped through Future World and went through CommuniCore.  This is why the ceilings were designed so high in the interior hallways.  These unbuilt concepts below may have provided influences to Imagineers when they created other attractions throughout the resort years later.

Audio Adventure Maze: Guests would navigate through a maze by using only sounds to guide them.  The Sounds Dangerous! attraction at the Studios would later feature a show where large portions were in the dark with only audio providing a clue as to what was going on.  

Bell Labs: There were going to be two expansions to FutureCom in CommuniCore West and concept art was even produced but this addition was never built.

Electronic Playground: This area would have featured skiing and kayak games, as well as one called Magic Carpet.  Guests would have used their body to shift sensors to move, which sounds remarkably like a Segway.  Disney Quest later featured a Virtual Jungle Cruise and Aladdin’s Magic Carpets, which may have been influenced by ideas from this never built area.  

EPCOT Creative Center: This area would have featured the work of students who were winners of competitions held in schools throughout the country.  

HomeStyles 2000: This area would have featured interior and technological concepts in areas such as health, nutrition, entertainment and more.  The plan was to demonstrate new ideas that could be utilized now to make home living more rewarding.

Road to Utopia: This attraction was planned as a gameboard.  As the guests moved along the road, they would encounter exhibits that featured famous Utopian communities of the past and current communities that had made improvements to where they lived.  A computer component to the exhibit would measures guests hopes for the future and at the end of the road, they would receive a personalized certificate commemorating their hopes for a Utopian community.  A road motif was later used at Innoventions: The Road to Tomorrow.

Space: A space pavilion was long on the drawing board before Mission: SPACE opened.  This area would have served as a coming attraction for the earlier unbuilt space pavilion. It would have featured information about the Space Shuttle program, a space telescope and satellites.

Tron Arcade: This was going to be built in CommuniCore West but it was never constructed.  Expo Robotics was built in that location instead.

Epcot unbuilt Tron Arcade
(Photo courtesy of Mark Thompson.)

Unbuilt Concepts For The Living Seas

 The beginning of the Living Seas preshow was originally designed to start out in a cave-like area.  Guests were supposed to be made to feel like a storm was coming.  The walls of the grotto would close in and Poseidon, the Greek God of the sea would appear as lightening flashed.  He was then supposed to serve as a narrator until guests reached the coral reef.

Epcot Living Seas concept model


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