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Unbuilt Epcot World Showcase Concepts

Unbuilt Epcot World Showcase Concepts

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Epcot: World Showcase

 In 1975, a press conference was held at the Contemporary Resort to announce the development of a showcase for foreign countries.  The showcase was two semicircular buildings that were divided into areas for each participating country.  As a symbol of equality, all of the entrances appeared the same size from the outside but the footage inside varied.  The original location for this was going to be near the Transportation and Ticket Center.

Epcot World Showcase concept by TTC

A Second Crystal Palace?

 There are concept paintings for the United Kingdom that show a replica of a Victorian-style Crystal Palace in place of the park in the back of the pavilion.  At one point it was slated to be a restaurant/show area.  Perhaps this was ruled out because of the Crystal Palace restaurant on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom, even though it was a different building.

Epcot United Kingdom concept art

Unrealized Ideas

 Many ideas were rejected when building the existing pavilions.  Instead of the American Adventure show, the United States was originally going to have a boat ride featuring folk characters such as Paul Bunyon and Babe the Ox singing This Land is Your Land!  
 A copy of Tokyo Disneyland's Meet the World attraction was going to be built for Epcot and the show building was even constructed.  It is possible that the show was going to be called Meet Japan stateside and the Sherman Brothers wrote a revised theme song under this name that had the same melody as the Japanese show.  Meet the World has since closed in Japan but nothing has appeared in Epcot.  There have also been rumors for years that a Mount Fuji roller coaster similar to the Matterhorn would be built in the rear of the Japan pavilion.  
  If you are near the Biergarten restaurant in Germany and feel like the entrance is similar to a ride queue, you're right.  A boat ride down the Rhine and other rivers was planned but then dropped.  


Unrealized Countries

According to some Walt Dated World visitors, t-shirts were even produced that featured some of the pavilions that were never built.

Epcot Israel logo.
 A menorah was to be in the center of a courtyard of ancient Jerusalem.  Guests could eat native food under the shade of olive and cypress trees and listen to music performances in an amphitheater.  Due to the situation in Israel and security issues, it is understandable why this pavilion wasn't built.  Israel did make an appearance at the Millennium Village.

Epcot Israel sign

Epcot Africa logo

 In the early 1980's when Apartheid was still very much alive in South Africa, this pavilion tried to focus closer to the equator and away from politics.  Guests would be able to view animals (actually a film) at a water hole from the top of a Calicedra Tree, see the Heartbeat of Africa show and let Alex Haley be their guide through Africa Rediscovered, which was about the continent's cultural history.
 One of the better known Walt Deleted World projects, a scale model of this pavilion was featured in the TV special of Epcot's Grand opening with the promise that it would be open in "about a year".  It was to be located between China and Germany. There are now some African-style buildings there and it is referred to as the "Outpost".  Northern Africa was represented by Morocco when it opened in 1984.  The building of Animal Kingdom guaranteed this pavilion would not be constructed anytime in the near future.  
Epcot Africa sign

Epcot Spain logo

 There were actually signs posted next to Germany around 1986 saying that this pavilion was "Coming Soon".  It was to feature a film and ride attractions.  The restaurant would have featured tapas.  If you happen to be at Epcot during the International Food and Wine Festival, you may encounter a temporary building that features olive oil and sherry at the former proposed site for Spain.

Epcot Spain sign

(Future site photos courtesy of Mark Thompson.)

Other Rejected Ideas

 An idea for a Switzerland pavilion has been tossed around for years so that Epcot can have a Matterhorn roller coaster similar to Disneyland's.  Other abandoned plans include Russia and Venezuela.  

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