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Unbuilt Disney-MGM Studios Concepts

Unbuilt Disney-MGM Studios Concepts

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Disney-MGM Studios

 The idea for the Disney-MGM Studios was based on an unbuilt Movies pavilion at Epcot.  This concept painting shows that it would've been located between Journey Into Imagination and The Land.  This area was later used to build the Soarin' attraction in The Land.

Epcot movie pavilion

Muppets, Roger Rabbit and Magicians

 During the beginning of "The Disney Decade" in the 1990s, many ideas were announced and then not built.  Once Disney entered into a partnership with Jim Henson, plans for a Muppet version of the Great Movie Ride were created, as well as ideas for a Muppet restaurant.  These plans were dropped once Henson died and there were some legal problems with the Henson family that needed to be resolved.  
 Roger Rabbit was originally going to have a big presence on Sunset Blvd. instead of the Tower of Terror.  There would've been a simulator ride and also a Baby Herman Runaway Buggy Ride.  This idea appears to have been dropped due to legal problems with Amblin over the use of the Roger Rabbit character.  
 In addition to the Diamond Double-Cross show, Dick Tracy was going to have a Crimestoppers ride but disappointing box office may have been the reason this attraction was canceled. In the late 1990's, signs at the entrance of the park promised that a restaurant called David Copperfield's Magic Underground was going to open but it never appeared and the sign soon vanished like one of the magician's illusions.

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