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Fitness Fairgrounds, Etc.

Fitness Fairgrounds, Etc.

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Fitness Fairgrounds, Etc.

 The main area under the dome of the pavilion was referred to as the Fitness Fairgrounds.  There were a variety of activities to do there.  For shopping and eating in the Wonders of Life, go to the  Shops and Restaurants page.

Goofy About Health

Goofy About Health Entrance

 At this show, guests could catch Goofy cartoons on a set made to look like a town, complete with the Hot Spot Club, Market Up, Goofco, Ritz Apartments, Garage, Phast Pharmacy, and the Doctor's Office.  The show was eight minutes.  Most of the footage was created from old cartoons, although the footage of Goofy at the doctor was new.  Guests could enter and leave the theater at will and it had room to seat 100.  Unlike the picture below, Goofy did not actually appear in the show.  

Goofy About Health show

Anacomical Theatre

Anacomical Theatre entrance

 In this theater that seated 100 people, the Anacomical Players acted out Improv skits about healthy vs unhealthy lifestyles.  The audience was invited to participate.  Performances ceased around 2000.

Anacomical Theare show

Sensory Funhouse

Sensory Funhouse

 This area had things that were designed to test the senses of the body, such as screens that showed color words highlighted in different colors and you had to say the color, not the word.  There were also giant pairs of earphones where you could test your sense of hearing.  Other children's museum-type activities were also found there.

Coach's Corner:  You could have your golf, tennis or baseball swings analyzed via computer/laserdisc.  Unlike the picture below, you did not see Disney characters there.  

Wonders of Life Coach's Corner

Frontiers of Medicine:  This was the only "serious" exhibit in the pavilion.  It featured constantly changing exhibits about developments in medicine and health science.  

Met Lifestyle Revue:  Later the name was shortened to Lifestyle Revue.  Guest would tell the computer about their health habits and receive some advice on how to live a healthier life.  

Wonder Cycles:  Guests could pedal a stationary bike through Disneyland in California or the Rose Bowl Parade.

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