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Cranium Command

Cranium Command

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Cranium Command

Cranium Command exterior sign

 Running from the opening day of the pavilion until January 1, 2007, this show was considered by many to be the best attraction in Wonders of Life.  Guests were sometimes given a preview before they even went inside the building.  A Cast Member dressed as General Knowledge would sometimes appear outside the pavilion and "drill" kids and encourage them to come inside and see the show.  

The show was also publicized inside with a sandwich board-type sign.

Cranium Command sign

The entrance to the show.

Cranium Command entrance

 The preshow for the attraction was an animated film directed by Disney Animators Kirk Wise and Gary Trousdale.  They also got in on the fun by voicing the Hypothalamus (Wise) and using Trousdale's name for one of the recruits.
 General Knowledge (voiced by Corey Burton) is recruiting pilots for various brains  The heads and scenery that the characters interact with are done in a vaguely Monty Python animation style.  The Little Mermaid makes a cameo as one of Bobby's thoughts.  After spelling out the consequences of poor piloting (being assigned to a chicken brain), Knowledge assigns Cranium Commando Buzzy (Scott Curtis) to pilot the body of 12-year-old Bobby (also played by Curtis.)  
 Guests then move into the main theater, which seated 200 people.  The stage was designed to look like the inside of Bobby's head, with two screens for the eyes.  Two other screens showed action elsewhere in the body.   

Cranium Command stage

 Buzzy is shown as an Audio-Animatronic figure sitting in the pilot's seat.  He gets off to a bad start when Bobby is late for school.  Things get better when he meets a new girl named Annie (Natalie Gregory).  After a bully harasses her, Bobby goes to her defense, which causes other areas of the body such as the Stomach (George Wendt), Heart (Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon), Left Brain (Charles Grodin), Right Brain (Jon Lovitz), Bladder (Jeff Doucette) and the Adrenal Gland (Bobcat Goldthwait) to react as Buzzy tries to keep everything under control.  
 After causing a food fight in the cafeteria, Bobby gets sent to Principal Herbert Hardcase's (Kenneth Kimmins) office.  Luckily, Buzzy keeps calm and everyone works together to get Bobby out of trouble.  Buzzy learns an important lesson:  Use your head, don't lose your head!  
 The main show lasted 17 minutes.  As guests exited the theater, the Hypothalamus made snarky comments at them.

Cranium Command Buzzy

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