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The Making of Me

The Making of Me

The Making of Me

The Making of Me entrance

 This film did not premier when Wonders of Life opened on October 19, 1989.  It made its debut on October 30 of that year and starred Martin Short.  The movie lasted 15 minutes (although some sources claim only 14).  Short played a man who travels back in time to see how his parents met, their life together, and how he came to be born.  It featured in utero footage and scenes in a delivery room, although everything was done in a tasteful way.  The movie was directed by Glen Gordon Caron, who also directed Moonlighting.  In order to make sure viewers weren't traumatized, there was a disclaimer posted outside of the theater.  It closed on January 1, 2007.  Martin Short later found a new home at Epcot when he hosted the updated version of O Canada! when it premiered in September of 2007.  

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