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Disney Village/Marketplace/Downtown Disney

Disney Village/Marketplace/Downtown Disney

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Walt Disney World Shopping Village Logo

 Originally opened as Lake Buena Vista Village on March 22, 1975, this shopping village was later known as Walt Disney World Village starting in 1977.  In 1989, it underwent another name change and became the Disney Village Marketplace.  The name was changed yet again in 1996 to Downtown Disney Marketplace before being extensively remodeled into Disney Springs in 2015.  

 The Walt Disney World Village area is also home to the former Preview Center.  This building was open from January 10, 1970 until September 30, 1971.  Guests could get a sneak peek at Walt Disney World at this building located on Preview Blvd (now Hotel Plaza Blvd).  Models were on display and a film was shown.  There was also a shop and snack bar.  The building was later used as offices for the Buena Vista Land company and after that was known as the Reception Center and was where guests of Walt Disney World Village hotels would check in.  The building was also a post office at one time.  The former Preview Center is still standing and is now the Amateur Athletic Union.  

 Crossroads was the shopping center across the street from Disney Village Marketplace/Downtown Disney.  It opened in February of 1989 and featured a Gooding's supermarket, shops, McDonald's and a Pirate's Cove miniature golf course.  It used to be owned by Disney but was sold to GE Capital Realty Group in 2001.  

 There have been numerous shops and restaurants through the years at Walt Disney World Village/Downtown Disney.  The following is a snapshot of shops and restaurants during the first four decades of operation.  For a list of former Walt Disney World Village hotels, visit the Resorts section here.  

Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village at Walt Disney World

A memorable paper shopping bag from the early years of Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World paper shopping bag

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