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Disney Shopping in the 1980s

Disney Shopping in the 1980s

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The Second Decade: 1986 Snapshot


24KT Precious Adornments: This shop finally closed around 1995.

2R’s- Read’n & Rite’n: The store was now presented by Western Publishing.  The shop would later relocate to the Village Gifts and Spirits building and become known as 2R’s Reading and Riting.

Artespana: This store was new in 1986 and was located in an building that was added during an expansion between the Christmas Chalet and the Empress Lilly.  It was presented by Arribas Brothers and featured artisan gifts from Spain.  On September 15, 1988 the name changed to Eurospain and it went by that name until the store closed on September 15, 1995.

Bath Parlor: The “u” was now dropped from “Parlor” but the store was still in the same location.

Christmas Chalet store interior at Walt Disney World Shopping Village

Christmas Chalet: This open year-round Christmas shop was located in the former Anniversary Room shop.

Country Address: Relocated to a store between Shoe Time and Mickey & Co.   It still sold  clothing for women and also juniors. It closed on July 23, 1994 and was replaced by The Art of Disney on August 28, 1994.  

Cristel Arts: This store was still in the same location but now presented by Arribas Brothers.  

Gourmet Pantry: The Candy Factory was no longer listed as a store next to it although Gourmet Pantry still advertised that it had a “candy shoppe”.   

Mickey & Co.: This shop was sponsored by J.G. Hook and featured Disney fashions.  It later became part of Team Mickey’s Athletic Company.  

It’s a Small World After All: This shop was now neighbors with a relocated Toys Fantastique.

Potter at the Pottery Chalet Walt Disney World Shopping Village

Pottery Chalet: Still in the same location, it featured crystal, pottery, porcelain, candles, linens and Florida gifts.  The $7,500 Taj Mahal music box was one of the most expensive things in the store.  It later became You & Me Kid and Personal Message.

Resort Wear Unlimited: Located next to It’s a Small World After All, this sportswear/swimwear store was the former location of Carolyn’s Couture and the original location of Country Address.

Sachet In: Located in the former Pipe Dream space, it sold sachets and soaps and was a natural fit to be next door neighbors with Bath Parlor.  

Sassy’s: This shop featuring fashions for women and children was in the former Toys Fantastique space.

Shoe Time: Located in the former Michael’s location, it sold shoes and accessories for women.  It later became a part of Team Mickey’s Athletic Club.

Sir Edward’s Haberdasher

Sir Edward Haberdasher sign at Walt Disney World Shopping Village

Toys Fantastique: Relocated and was next to It’s a Small World After All.  

Toys Fantastique store Walt Disney World Shopping Village

Village Gifts and Sundries: This store that featured gifts from Florida replaced the Apothecary.  This shop later became Art of Disney.

Windjammer Dock Shop


Cap’n Jack’s Oyster Bar

Heidelberger’s Deli: Now sponsored by Hormel.

Lite Bite

Verandah Restaurant: Menu items included chilled strawberry soup, Monte Cristo sandwiches, Chicken Parisian and more.

Village Ice Cream Parlour & Bake Shop:  This ice shop and bakery was located near Artespana.  It was later known as Donald’s Dairy Dip.  

Village Restaurant/Village Lounge/Chef Mickey's Village Restaurant:  The restaurant was now advertising that it offered a brunch menu between 9:30 and 3:00.  

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