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Pirates of the Caribbean: Removed Elements

Pirates of the Caribbean: Removed Elements

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The Barker Bird

Pirate parrot

 The main entrance to Pirates of the Caribbean used to feature a pirate "Barker Bird" to lead people inside the fort structure. He actually had first been located by the exit ramp ("moving gang plank") of the ride but he caused a bottleneck and was then moved to the entrance.  His spiel included snippets of the theme song, as this sample suggests:

(An instrumental of "Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me)" plays.  The bird begins to sing along.)

Pirate Barker Bird:  Yo ho, yo ho, a parrot's life for me. (Squawks.) A parrot's life for me!  A parrot's life for me!  (Whistles, does a Wolf Whistle and then whistles again.) Avast there, you lubbers!  This be the place, if you be seeking adventure and salty old pirates. (Squawks) Salty old pirates!  Salty old pirates! (Whistles.) We pillage and plunder!  Riffle and loot! Yo ho, me hearties yo ho!  (Squawks and whistles.) Heave to, maties!  There be longboats waiting down by Pirate's Cove!  Waitin' to take you to the Spanish Main!  (Whistles.) Right this way!  Through the arches and down past the dungeon, in the old fortress.  (He whistles and it sounds like a ship's Bosun Whistle.)  We sail with the tide!  Sail with the tide!  (Whistles.)  Don't miss the boat maties!  

(Series of squawks, including one that sounds like a monkey.  The theme song begins to play again and then the bird speaks.)

Pirate Barker Bird: Yo ho, yo ho, a parrot's life for me. (Squawks.) A parrot's life for me!  A parrot's life for me!  (Whistles.) Golden doubloons!  Golden doubloons!  (Whistles.) Heave to maties!  You come seeking adventure and salty old pirates?  Ay? (Whistles.) Salty old pirates!  Salty old pirates!  This be the place!  This be the place!  (Squawks.) Chart a course through the arches, maties.  It be a short march through the old fortress, past the dungeons to Pirate's Cove. (Whistles.)  Pirates Cove!  Pirates Cove!  There be longboats waiting to take you aboard!  (Squawks.) All hands on deck!  We sail with the tide!  Sail with the tide!  (He whistles like a Bosun Whistle.)  Ahoy there swabbies, stand by to repel boarders!  Repel boarders!  Repel boarders!  (He whistles some bird calls and makes clicking noises.)  

 As seen in the picture above, the bird used to have a shaved belly with an anchor tattoo.  Later versions of the bird were fully green with the tattoo still faintly visible.  The bird was removed during the 2006 refurbishment that remodeled the main entrance and added Captain Jack Sparrow to the attraction.  There was a similar bird in the pirate section of the World of Disney store in Downtown Disney from around 2006 to 2012.  

The Pooped Pirate

Pooped Pirate

 The scene pictured above has been altered twice.  The original scene featured the voice of Paul Frees as the "Pooped Pirate" and went like this:

Pooped Pirate:  Oh, shiver me soul.  It's dead wore out, I be.  (Chuckles)  Am I too fast these lot footed wenches be for the likes of an old swag-bellied pirate such as I?   Now, where be that fascinatin' little old treasure?  Ay?  (Chuckles)  Heave to, maties!  Say, have you set your eyes on a bewitchin' maiden in your travels?  Oh, she be a lively lassie she were!  Oh, I tell you true, it's sore I be to hoist me colors on the likes of that shy little wench.  (Laughs) Favor, keep a weather eye open maties.  I be willing to share, I be!  (Laughs).

After a 1997 refurbishment, the pirate talked to the dog about how "X marks the spot" and his voice was most likely dubbed by Corey Burton.  The woman who popped out of the barrel behind him was altered to hold a small treasure chest. Disneyland's "Pooped Pirate" is now known as the "Stuffed Pirate" and has a different vocal track than the "X marks the spot" track at Walt Disney World.  You can still hear the first two lines of the old dialogue if you are waiting in the right hand queue.  Listen to the shoveling noises and talking near the cave close to the boarding area.  

Pirates barrel woman

 This scene was revised further in 2006 when the Jack Sparrow figure from the movie was added to both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.  Now he's the one that's inside the barrel.  Some changes were also made to the chase scene near the Pooped Pirate.  Until 1997, the scene showed pirates chasing women (and one woman chasing a pirate) and it was obvious that their intentions were amorous.  This chase scene has been changed so that the women are now  chasing away the pirates.  

The Auction Scene

Pirates auction scene Magic Kingdom

 Despite Disney making several attempts through the years to make the Pirates of the Caribbean more "family friendly", this scene always proved to be immune.  In 2017, Disneyland Paris got a revamped scene where the Red Head became a pirate who helped the Auctioneer sell treasures from the townspeople.  Walt Disney World got the revised scene in March of 2018 and Disneyland finally got it in July of that year.  


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