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Mouseketeer Alison's Clubhouse

Mouseketeer Alison's Clubhouse

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Mouseketeer Club Grand Floridian Walt Disney World

Mouseketeer Alison welcomes you.
Mouseketeer Club Grand Floridian Walt Disney World

 Welcome to my Clubhouse!  Ever since I can remember, I've enjoyed Disney stuff.  As a child, I sat enthralled in front of the TV set as The New Mickey Mouse Club (The 1970's version not the Disney Channel version) aired and I was obessed with Mickey Mouse.

  I visited Walt Disney World for the first time in 1978.  My Grandpa took me on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and I thought he was actually driving the car!  I also remember riding the PeopleMover and thinking that it was Space Mountain!  I've been to Walt Disney World many times since then and I went to Disneyland in California for the very first time in the summer of 2001.  

 The idea for this page came when I was feeling especially nostalgic and missing The Mickey Mouse Revue and Journey Into Imagination so I thought I'd create this page and show the world all the great stuff that is no longer at Disney World!  

Walt Dated World FAQ
I have lots of old pictures from the parks.  Would you like them?
I'd love to see them!  If you have copies you'd like to share, you can e-mail them to me.  Even if I can't post them, they often help me add to descriptions.

I have some old postcards and maps of the parks.  Would you like them?  
Sure!  I've been able to post many wonderful things on this site because of people giving me items.  

There's so many scripts and song lyrics already posted on the internet that you don't have.  Can you post them with credits or link to them?
I have found that many scripts and lyrics contain errors.  I will not post something unless I personally have a copy and can listen to it for accuracy.  I will sometimes make an exception to this if I judge the contributor to have a reputation for  being accurate.

Mouseketeer Alison's Favorite Disney Links

Disney Links

In my opinion, one of the best places to go for your daily dose of Disney news.  It has great discussion boards with friendly people.

I am not the only Mouseketeer that loved this show.  Find out what all the Mouseketeers have been up to and other Mouseka Information.

What Walt Dated World is for Walt Disney World, Yesterland is for Disneyland.  See all the attractions that no longer exist at the original Magic Kingdom.

This is an unofficial fan site that is not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company or Disney theme parks.  All copyrights acknowledged.  Please respect the work I put into compiling both existing and my own information on this site by not linking to any text or pictures without crediting that they were located on this site.
See ya real soon!