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Bob-A-Round Boats and Other Early Water Activities

Bob-A-Round Boats and Other Early Water Activities

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Bob-A-Round Boats

Bob-A-Round Boats Walt Disney World

 These bizarre-looking striped boats had what looked like a lightening rod on top of them.  They were only around a short time after Walt Disney World opened.  Apparently the electric boats were often the victim of dead batteries, which often caused the boats to have to be towed back to the dock.  The boats can be glimpsed in the "Walt Disney Story" film shown in the Magic Kingdom and in the TV special Welcome to the "World" starring Lucie Arnaz that aired on March 23, 1975.  Bob-A-Round boats were later available to rent for $4.00 an hour from the marina at Walt Disney World Village and had blue and white striped canopies.

Other Early Water Activities

 The following are activities that were located on the water and elsewhere at Walt Disney World in 1972, the Resort's first full year of operation.  The Electrical Water Pageant premiered on October 26, 1971 and a version of it still runs to this day.  In 1973 the water ski show cost $1.00 for adults and 50 cents for children.  The World Cruise was the same price.

1972 Walt Disney World water activities

Walt Disney World Yacht boats and Cruises

1972 Walt Disney World Recreation

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