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Dixie Landings

Dixie Landings

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Dixie Landings Resort logo

 This moderate-category resort opened on February 2, 1992.  It was opened in phases with phase one the opening of the Cajun-inspired Alligator Bayou.  The Magnolia Bend plantations followed in the second phase.  Dixie Landings was paired with a sister resort next door called Port Orleans.  The latter represented the French Quarter of The Big Easy while Dixie Landing was more the rural area, with the plantation buildings and backwoods bayou.  
 On March 1, 2001, Dixie Landings became known as Port Orleans Riverside.  The original Port Orleans was now referred to as the Port Orleans French Quarter.  Letters were sent out to guests explaining the name change but not the reason why.  There was some speculation that Disney was trying to downplay the plantation setting due to concerns that it might hearken back to slavery days.  Evidence to back this theory up included changing the name of the Colonel's Cotton Mill food court and the Cotton Co-op lounge.
 There was also some speculation that Dixie Landings was a more popular resort that Port Orleans and had a higher occupancy rate.  Perhaps Disney changed the name so it would be easier to book guests into the original Port Orleans, while claiming that both hotels were the "same" since they had the same names.

Brotherdave snapped this picture of the Dixie Landings Entrance

Dixie Landings entrance

Here's an example of the name change on the outside food court sign.
Colonel's Cotten Mill sign        Riverside Mill sign

This example of the name makeover is from the interior food court sign.  The reference to resort was changed first and then the mention of  Colonel's Cotton Mill.     
Colonel's Cotton Mill Dixie Landings exterior sign  Colonel's Cotten Mill Riverside sign

The Riverside Mill sign

Do you still have your Song of the South Resort refill mug?  How about this Dixie Landings Pin?

Dixie Landings pin

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