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Fort Wilderness of the Past

Fort Wilderness of the Past

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 Fort Wilderness is still around but it has changed through the years.  Click below  to see what's no longer around.

Campfire Snack Bar:  Replaced by Crockett's Tavern on August 18, 1986.

Marshmallow Marsh

 Walt Dated World reader Helen shared this memory about a defunct activity at Fort Wilderness:
 "While everyone knew about the nightly movies outside at Fort Wilderness, not everyone knew about Marshmallow Marsh.  This was an after-dark activity open only to  Disney resort guests.  I forget how much it cost, but think it was well under $10 per person.  Here's how it worked as of the early 1980's:  after meeting at one of the trading posts, guests and hosts would walk down a path where an appropriate number of Davy Crockett Explorer-type canoes were waiting.  We'd get in and paddle to Marshmallow Marsh (somewhere at the edge of Fort Wilderness) while the guides chatted about Disney trivia and Walt Disney World insider information along the way.  While we paddled, we'd sing the Marshmallow Marsh song, which was set to the tune of "She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain."
 At the marsh, there was a campfire with marshmallows to roast and a singalong of Disney tunes (conducted by the same hosts and hostesses now equipped with guitars) from the familiar to the obscure.  At some point in the evening, we would view the Electrical Water Pageant during its River Country stop.  At the end, we'd sing the Mickey Mouse Club Alma Mater and get back in our canoes and go back to the trading post.  It really disappointed me when I returned some years later in the late 1980's, to find out that the Marshmallow Marsh program was no longer offered."

Watch Video of a Family's 1984 Trip to Fort Wilderness

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