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Great Southern Craft Company/Lillie Langtry's

Great Southern Craft Company and Lillie Langtry's

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 This boutique sold country and folk crafts and was located between the Toledo Arts store and Port of Entry (later Mickey's Character Shop).  It was known for needlepoint kits and supplies for quilting, latch hook and macrame.  The shop also had various handcrafts and household items in the "Country Craft Boutique".  You could also find pottery, leather and silver items.  The store's sign was slightly modified through the years and a different version of the store sign below advertised that there was a stained glass craftsman.  In addition to stained glass workers, there were also artists who created hand carved candles.  The store closed around 1995.  

Great Southern Craft Company store at Walt Disney World shopping Village

 The shop was also home to Lillie Langtry's Old-Fashioned Photo Studio (sometimes referred to as Lillie Langtry Ole Time Photo Studio or Lillie Langtry's Photographic Artist), where guests could pose for an old-time photo similar to ones offered at the Main Street Camera Center or Laffite's Portrait Deck in the Magic Kingdom.  The store closed in 1996 and was replaced by Mickey's Photo Studio/Studio M.  

Interior of Great Southern Craft Company at Walt Disney World shopping Village


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