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What's New at Walt Dated World
What's New at Walt Dated World

What's New at Walt Dated World

What's New at Walt Dated World? Scroll down to find out!
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New at Walt Dated World

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11/15/2023:  New!  Limited Edition Walt Dated World button for sale!  Click here to buy!

10/22/2022: A photo of paper cups from the 15th Anniversary has been added.

03/16/2022:  A photo gallery has been added to the Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade that shows the current location of two of the floats.

01/22/2022:  The Walt Disney World Shopping Village/Downtown Disney section has been redesigned for better navigation by decade.

01/12/2022:  Magic Carpet 'Round the World Circle-Vision film has been added.

04/02/2021:  More ticket prices from the 1980s have been added to the Transportation and Ticket Center.

03/21/2021:  Many more ticket prices have been added for different years on the Transportation and Ticket Center pages.

01/31/2021:  The Walt Disney Story has been revised and expanded and includes new pictures.

01/26/2021:  Magic Journeys has been updated and expanded.

01/23/2021:  Some "backstage" work continues to be done.  Ticket prices for 2016 added.  New and upgraded pictures have been added to the Mickey Mouse Revue section.

01/18/2021:  As the Walt Dated World website gets ready to celebrate 20 years, a lot of "under the hood" work is going on and many photos are getting an upgrade for quality.

07/07/2020:  Expansion and updates to The Making of Me in the Wonders of Life section in Epcot.

07/01/2020:  Expansion and updates to The Hunchback of Notre Dame:  A Musical Adventure.

06/29/2020:  Expansion and updates to Spirit of Pocahontas.

04/26/2020:  Expansion and updates to Doug Live!

04/19/2020:  Expansion and updates to Mickey's 50th Birthday Parade.

04/04/2020:  Expansion and updates to Grand Prix Raceway and Star Jets.

03/29/2020:  Enchanted Tiki Room: Under New Management has been added to Adventureland.

03/24/2020:  Orange Bird page is now a separate section and has been greatly expanded.  Skyway to Fantasyland page has been revised and expanded.

03/23/2020:  Caribbean Arcade is now a separate page and the Removed Elements from Pirates of the Caribbean has been revised and expanded.

03/22/2020:  Expansion and updates to Snow White's Scary Adventures (1971-1994) and created new photo and video gallery for the second version of the ride.

03/21/2020:  Expansion and updates to Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

03/20/2020:  Expansion and updates to Dumbo, The Flying Elephant.

02/03/2020:  Video added of Fantasy on Parade and the Christmas Parade from 1984.

02/01/2020:  Videos added of Fort Wilderness, the monorail and the ferry, all from 1984.

07/03/2019:  Updated text and pictures to the Fireworks Factory page.

05/27/2019:  Upgraded quality of some pictures.

04/28/2019:  Expansion and updates to Diamond Horseshoe Revue.

04/17/2019:  Expansion and updates to Hercules Zero to Hero Parade.

03/05/2019:  Expansion and updates to Dumbo's Circus Parade.

02/22/2019:  Expansion and updates to the Millennium Celebration and Millennium Village

02/05/2019:  Expansion and updates to the Magical World of Barbie show at Epcot.

02/02/2019:  Expansion and updates to Dixie Landings page.

02/01/2019:  Expansion and updates to Universe of Energy.

01/16/2019:  More picture upgrades.

01/15/2019:  Numerous picture upgrades for photo quality, especially on the Epcot pages.  Additional content added to Unbuilt Epcot Future World Concepts page.

01/14/2019:  More revision and expansion to the CommuniCore page.

01/12/2019:  Expansion and updates to the CommuniCore page.

01/01/2019:  Some small updates to pages around the Magic Kingdom site.

12/22/2018:  Mickey's Birthdayland and Mickey's Starland each now have a separate page.

12/19/2018:  America the Beautiful/Magic Carpet 'Round the World and American Journeys each have their own page now.  Flight to the Moon and Mission to Mars also now each have a separate page.

10/07/2018:  Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade has been added to Animal Kingdom.

09/27/2018:  Various behind the scenes updates.

08/15/2018:  More user navigation improvements.

07/14/2018:  Some "under the hood" work is being done to improve user navigation.

04/11/2018:  Tarzan Rocks!  has been added to Animal Kingdom.

04/10/2048:  Ellen's Energy Adventure has been added to Epcot.

03/27/2018: Two new pictures added to Camp Minnie-Mickey.

03/18/2018:  Animal Kingdom main page shows McDonald's Happy Meal box and there are pictures of more boxes on the McDonald's page.  The Discovery River Boats page features Happy Meal artwork that shows the dragon and also the dragon toy.

03/11/2018:  Camp Minnie-Mickey has been added to Animal Kingdom.

03/08/2018:  The Discovery River Boats/Radio Disney Cruise section has been revised and expanded and includes new pictures.  

03/07/2018:  Revised Discovery River Boats page.  

01/17/2018:  Please read the important message on the main home page about subscribing to the Walt Dated World YouTube Channel.  New sections have been added on the Magic Kingdom parking lot, trans, ferry boats and STOLport in the Transportation and Ticket Center section.  

01/15/2018:  More ticket prices added to the 2000s and Beyond.

01/14/2018:  More ticket prices added to the 2000s and Beyond.

10/14/2017:  The monorail page has been redesigned and now includes several different sections.

10/14/2017:  The first part of the revamped TTC page is complete.  Check out ticket pictures and prices by decade, see upgraded monorail pictures and a section on bus flags.

10/03/2017:  New ticket pictures and more ticket prices.

09/29/2017:  More ticket prices and information on Walt's Attic added to the Walt Deleted World section.  

09/26/17:  More detailed ticket prices and more updates on the TTC page coming soon!

09/21/2017: More improved ticket photos and continued work on the TTC page.

09/20/2017:  New and improved photos of tickets on the TTC page and 15 years of Magic page.

09/19/2017:  The TTC page has been updated with new ticket prices.

09/18/2017:  More minor updates and new photos in the Donald Duck Birthday parade section.  

09/12/2017:  Some minor updates and behind the scenes work.

05/01/2017:  Updated the Swan Boats page with current information about the restoration of the Snow White boat.

04/24/2017:  Updated 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea page to include information about an alternate, earlier narration.  

02/26/2017:  Many updates added to dates and a new section added on the Disney/MGM Shows page to include walk-though exhibits.  A picture of the breakfast crew certificate has also been added to the Empress Lilly page.  

02/09/2017:  Small updates made to some dates and attractions.

02/08/2017: Social media like buttons have been redesigned and are now on every page.  Follow Walt Dated World on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube!

02/05/2017:  More shops, restaurants and open/close dates added throughout the site.  

01/26/2017:  The Davy Crockett's Explorer Canoes page has been updated and expanded.  

01/16/2017: Many more opening and closing dates added, as well as some new restaurants.

01/15/2017:  If You Had Wings/If You Could Fly page has been updated and expanded.  

01/11/2017:  More opening and closing dates added plus more "under the hood" work.  

01/09/2017:  More dates added for shops and restaurants, plus an update to the New Century Clock Shop page.

01/08/2017:  Small additions to dates plus shops and restaurants added.  

12/28/2016:  More additions to shops and restaurants in all four parks, plus some "placeholder" information for various Epcot, Studios and "Everything Else" attractions.

12/27/2016:  Many small additions to the shops and restaurants in all four parks.  

12/11/2016:  Resorts page now includes past hotels from Walt Disney World Village and also shops and restaurants that have been removed from other Disney resorts that don't have their own dedicated section.  

11/11/2016:  The Walt Disney World Village/Marketplace section has been reorganized and more pictures have been added.  

11/08/2016:  More videos from the Walt Dated World YouTube channel are now featured on the site.

10/20/2016: The Dick Tracy Diamond Double Cross section has been expanded with more photos and the complete show script.

10/29/2016:  Various "backstage" improvements have been made.

08/15/2016:  The Empress Lilly section has been updated and expanded.  

07/24/2016: The Lake Buena Vista Golf Club page has been updated and expanded.

07/24/2016: The King Stefan's Banquet Hall, Land Grille Room/Farmers Market and the Village Restaurant/Chef Mickey's Village Restaurant pages have been updated and expanded.

07/17/2016:  Various date additions added.  

07/10/2016: Various "under the hood" improvements continue.

07/07/2016:  The Neon Armadillo page has been updated and expanded.

06/22/2016: "Backstage Magic" improvements continue.

06/21/2016:  More "Backstage Magic" improvements were made.

06/16/2016: The House of Magic page has been updated.  

06/15/2016: Various "under the hood" enhancements and various updates to text on the site.

06/14/2016:  Various updates for attraction opening and closing dates.  

09/01/2014:  Updates have begun on the Pleasure Island section.

04/21/2014: Select videos from the Walt Dated World YouTube channel are now embedded in the site.

04/13/2014:  Every page now has a button so content can be tweeted.

03/27/2014:  The Mad Tea Party uncovered has been added.  

03/26/2014:  Splashtacular has been expanded.

03/25/2014:  Surprise in the Skies has been expanded.

03/13/2014: Ticket prices from 1971 have been added.  

03/02/2014: The Bob-A-Round Boats page has been expanded to include other early water activities.

02/20/2014: The Main Street Camera Center section has been expanded.

02/19/2014:  The Hallmark Card Shop/Disney Clothiers section has been expanded.

02/18/2014: The Bear in the Big Blue House section has been expanded.

02/12/2014: The Ace Ventura Pet Detective: Live in Action section has been expanded.

02/11/2014: The SuperStar Television section has been expanded.

02/10/2014: The Monster Sound Show section has been expanded.

02/06/2014: The section to the Disney-MGM Studios parking lot has been expanded.  

12/06/2013: Some minor issues were addressed to improve the user experience.

02/19/2013:  Ticket prices for 1976 have been added.  

10/29/2012: The Country Bear Christmas Special has been added and includes the script and pictures.  

06/10/2012: The March of the ARTimals parade has been added to the Animal Kingdom section.

06/09/2012:  The Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends show has been added to the Animal Kingdom section.

06/07/2012: The Countdown to Extinction page has been updated with better quality photos and now includes a picture of a CTX Rover toy.  A new section has also been created that features McDonald's sponsorship in DinoLand U.S.A.

06/02/2012:  A section on former sponsors of Space Mountain has been added.  

05/31/2012:  Pictures of El Pirata Y El Perico and Tinkerbell's Treasures were added.  

12/09/2011:  More information added about the Lake Buena Vista Golf Club.  More stores have been added to the Shopping Village page.

08/16/2011:  Various updates added regarding opening and closing dates of attractions.

09/28/2010: New photos added including the Main Street Tobacconist, the Greenhouse on Center Street, Adventureland Veranda and Veranda Juice Bar, Olde World Antiques, Mlle. Layfayette's Parfumerie, Magic Carpet 'Round the World, Top of the World Supper Club, Disney Vacation Villas, Lake Buena Vista Golf Club, Port of Entry Shop at Walt Disney World Village, Lite Bite at Walt Disney World Village and the Village Restaurant.

09/07/2010: More Swan Boat information, including pictures of a boat being restored.  

08/16/2010: More information and pictures of the salvaged swans have been posted.  

07/06/2010: Pictures of salvaged swans from the Swan Boats have been posted.  

03/20/2010:  Some additions in the Village area: more information about the 1977 Star Wars Darth Vader signing has been added.  Information and pictures have been added about the fate of one of the Mickey's Character Shop signs.   Information and pictures of  Denny Zavett and the Empress Lilly Riverboat Rascals has been added.  Some new information and pictures have been added to Spaceship Earth.  A new photo of the Star Jets elevator has been added and also one of an RCA Space Mountain sponsorship sign and some information about the car configuration.  Some 1984 Contemporary pictures have been added.   The TTC area has a picture of a 1995 one day ticket.  

03/06/2010:  Added fan memories of the Fiesta Fun Center, information about an all inclusive plan from the 1980s, pictures of a Skyway safety sticker, matchbook from the Main Street Tabacconist, Toy Story 2 preview sign from the Main Street Cinema, a Mission Control patch from Mission to Mars, 25th Anniversary poster given away at the Welcome Center, confirmed some information about signage in Mission to Mars, added a line to the last act of the Carousel of Progress script that was used from 1990-1993.

03/04/2010:  The Pirates section in Adventureland has been updated to include the Pirate Barker Bird, as well as items from the Caribbean Arcade.  

10/26/2009:  More information and some pictures have been added about Dumbo's Circus Parade.  Some new photos have also been added in the Silversmith and King Stefan's area.

10/07/2009:  Information about an early alternate version of Mission to Mars has been added.

09/23/2009:  The Mickey Mouse Revue has a new picture of the queue from Tokyo Disneyland, as well as some pictures with improved picture quality and some updated text.

09/22/2009:  The Plaza Swan Boats page has been updated with photos of what is possibly one of the boats as it looks today in modified form.

07/08/2009:  The Monorail section of the TTC has been updated to include information about the tragic Monorail accident, with insight from a former Monorail pilot.

05/29/2009:  The Discovery Island section has been revised and expanded and includes new pictures and a map.

03/22/2009:  The Land has been remodeled and now includes a revamped and revised Kitchen Kabaret section with more photos and the script to Symbiosis

11/04/2008:  World of Motion has been revamped and includes more pictures, an attraction script/description and an improved Bird and Robot script.

10/20/2008:  A mystery robot has been added to the Epcot section and more information has been added about the 1977 Star Wars event at Walt Disney World Village.

07/16/2008:  Some information and pictures of the Polynesian's original fire knife dancer have been added.  Please check it out to see if you can assist his daughter.

07/05/2008:  Some examples of pressed pennies that were available at the Penny Arcade have been added in the Main Street section.

06/08/2008:  Tons of brochure scans have been donated by a visitor.  Check them out all Walt Dated World, including The Magic Kingdom, Mickey's Birthdayland, Donald's Birthday Parade, Body Wars, World of Motion, Here Come the Muppets, Pleasure Island and more.  The Mulan Parade page has been updated with many new photos.  River Country also has some new photos sent in by a former Cast Member.  There's also another 15th Anniversary winning ticket now displayed.

02/17/2008:  Some great vintage photos have been added to the Disney Village page.  One is of the old playground slide and the others are of Darth Vader's 1977 visit!

02/11/2008:  The server problem is supposedly resolved although you made need to hit "refresh" a few times to make the pictures show.

02/10/2008:  There have been some server problems and the new Horizons photos are not currently showing.  

02/09/2008:  The Horizons page has been expanded with new photos, information, and the show script.

02/01/2008:  The Country Bear Vacation Hoedown page has been expanded to include the entire show script and has new and improved pictures.

01/21/2008:  Cast Member memories of River Country and Discovery Island have been added.

11/18/2007:  The Legend of the Lion King page has been revised to include the preshow, main show, new information and new pictures.

11/13/2007:  The Tiki Room page has been revised to include the show script, more information on the Orange Bird and more pictures.

11/10/2007:  Mickey's 50th Birthday Parade has been revised and now includes new pictures.  

11/09/2007:  The Tencennial Parade section has been revamped and expanded with new pictures and the parade soundtrack.

11/05/2007:  The section on Walt Disney World's 25th Anniversary has been revamped.

11/04/2007:  The Remember the Magic Parade page has been revamped and now includes selected show modes and more information.  The Aladdin's Royal Caravan Parade has also been updated.  

10/21/2007:  Lyrics to Donald's 50th Birthday parade have been added, as well as a segment of lyrics from Mickey's Birthdayland Express.

10/20/2007:  Reader submissions have been added, including monorail cast member costume photos and memories, a Last Resort giant room map photo, and memories of Captain Cook's Hideaway.  The Toontown Fair revamp is completed for the time being and now goes by the Birthdayland/Starland name.

10/17/2007:  The script for Mickey's Magical TV World has been added to Toontown Fair, as well as photos from the show.

08/09/2007:  The Toy Story Parade section has been revised and the Here Come the Muppets section has been expanded and now includes the show script.

08/01/2007:  Updated the 20th Anniversary Surprise Celebration Parade page.

06/16/2007:  The Mickey Mania page has been revamped.  It now also includes the parade soundtrack, as well as the revised opening that replaces Roger Rabbit with Max.

06/10/2007:  The Disney Character Hit Parade has been updated to include the parade theme.

06/03/2007:  The Mickey's Street Party parade has been updated to include lyrics to the parade song.  The Walt Disney Story page has been revamped to include the script to the film and the postshow featuring Hoot Gibson the owl.

06/02/2007:  The script to the original version of America the Beautiful has been added to the revamped Circle-Vision 360 page.

05/18/2007:  The script to American Journeys has been added to the revamped Circle-Vision 360 page.  The main page has been slightly modified as well.

05/15/2007:  Timekeeper has been added.

05/11/2007:  The main show of Body Wars has been added, pictures and information about the old bus routes, a menu cover from Fireworks Factory, a new 1995 ticket scan and more reader-supplied information about the Polynesian.

04/16/2007:  The other preshow for Body Wars has been added to Wonders of Life.

04/15/2007:  Queue narration and one of the preshows to Body Wars has been added to Wonders of Life.

01/10/2007:  Wonders of Life is now back in Walt Dated World.

12/18/2006:  Wonders of Life is now open at Epcot through the Christmas season and has been temporarily removed from Walt Dated World.

10/08/2006:  Added a picture to Muppets Days of Swine and Roses, info about Buy the Book, pictures from Mickey's Street Party Parade, and a picture of the old World Showcase buses.  Removed links to defunct partner audio site.

09/17/2005:  Wonders of Life is now in Walt Dated World.  There are also new pictures of the 20th Anniversary parade, Disneyana Shop, Dreamflight, Mickey's Star Traders, Centorium,  and Julie from Backstage Magic.

09/12/2006:  The Shops and Restaurants page at Epcot now includes Well & Goods and Pure and Simple from the Wonders of Life.

09/10/2006:  Walt Dated World now has a site on MySpace.  Visit the page for news of updates and ask to be added to the friend list!  Some pictures have been added in the Last Resorts sections, as well as some reader memories.  Photos of Disney Clothiers has been added on Main Street and Powdered Soap is in the Everything Else section.  Many new pictures have been added.  

08/19/2005:  I'm finally finished with grad school so the good news is that lots more stuff will be added on here soon.  I've added pictures of tributes to Countdown to Extinction, CommuniCore, and attraction posters for Tropical Serenade and the PeopleMover.  There have been some corrections made to the Mission to Mars preshow and main show.  I have more things to add but first I have to catch up on the last four years of my life that I put on hold while I was in school!  

05/20/2006:  If you wrote in with a memory or submitted a picture, chances are it's been added.  Check out new pictures from the Aladdin parade, a vintage 1970's picture in the Contemporary Resort section, American Gardens Theater before it was covered, Mr. Toad in the Haunted Mansion Pet Cemetery, Minnie Moo, and more.  There is also now a picture of the hidden 20,000 Leagues tribute in the Pooh Playground.

02/23/2006:  Photos of the Melvin the Moose Breakfast have been added.

01/22/2006  A photo of Trixie has been added to the Country Bear page, an Orange Bird toy is now on the Tiki Room page, and a picture of an Electrical Parade picture disc has been added.

01/02/2006:  Mickey's 25th Anniversary wake-up call has been transcribed.  A picture from the All-America Parade has been added.  The entire Journey Into Imagination page has been reorganized and the script has been posted, along with new and rescanned pictures.  The Sorcery in the Sky script has been posted, along with a memory of the show.

01/01/2006:  Lyrics to Delta Dreamflight have been added.

12/31/2005:  Queue narration has been added to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

12/29/2005:  Lots of new pictures on the Mickey Mouse Revue and Country Bear Vacation Hoedown pages.  Descriptions of a Melvin the Moose breakfast in Fort Wilderness have also been added.  Also, if you have e-mailed me a memory in the past few months, I may have added it to the page.

08/14/2005:  The script to Flight to the Moon has been added, as well as a picture from the preshow.  The script for the original Act IV of Carousel of Progress has also been added, along with pictures.  Some resort memories have been added to the Contemporary and Fort Wilderness section.  Brochures from 1977 have been added to the Everything Else page.  An Armed Forces Day ticket from 1976 has been added to the TTC page.  New pictures have been added to Dreamflight, Skyway to Tomorrowland, the main Tomorrowland page, and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

02/19/2005: Parade information has been updated in the Magic Kingdom section.  

01/12/2005:  A 1983 Discovery Island ticket has been added, as well as new pictures in the Discovery Island, Imagination, and Horizons sections.  There is also an exterior picture of Endor Vendors and one of the Bird and Robot show in World of Motion.

01/10/2005: Due to high traffic, there have again been bandwidth issues on the site.  Check out a picture of one of the monorails in a junkyard, as well as additional information about Epcot and MGM Studios shows.

10/13/2004  A picture of a Swan Boat at the loading dock has been added, as well as several underwater 20,000 Leagues pictures.

10/12/2004  Pictures of the If You Could Fly exterior have been added.  There is also a new 20,000 Leagues picture, Skyway picture, and American Journey exterior picture.

09/25/2004  There is now a full section devoted to the original Dumbo ride and new pictures in the Mr. Toad, 20,000 Leagues, Toontown, and Mission to Mars sections.  

09/13/2004  A picture of the old Timothy Mouse from the original Dumbo ride has been added, as well as an interior from the old Snow White's Scary Adventures ride.  

09/12/2004  The complete script to Mission to Mars has been added, as well as descriptions of the departure signage of If You Had Wings.

09/11/2004  Some new pictures have been added.  There is now a picture of the proposed Persian Resort and another Thunder Mesa picture added in the Walt Deleted World section, as well as a picture of one of the interiors of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.  

08/21/2004  I am in the process of setting up my new computer.  More updates soon.

08/01/2004 The script to the Mickey Mouse Review Preshow has been posted.

07/25/2004  Two photos from the Mickey's PhilharMagic queue that pay tribute to the Mickey Mouse Revue have been posted.  

07/15/2004  I am in the process of moving right now so watch for new updates soon.  

06/03/2004  You can now donate to Walt Dated World via PayPal.  Look for the button on the main page.

05/23/2004  Lyrics to the Mouseketeer River Country song have been added, as well as pictures of pins from Dixie Landings and the Disney Institute.  The Fort Wilderness Railway page had been updated with new photos and information.

04/15/2004 The Horizons and World of Motion pages have new layouts with more pictures.

04/11/2004  Walt Dated World just finished up the week as the Featured Site on the!

04/06/2004  A new Star Jets photo has been added.  A  picture of Nipper inside Space Mountain has also been added.

03/29/2004  A concept photo of the never-built Tron arcade has been added to Walt Deleted World.  Some new photos have been donated to the CommuniCore section of ObsoleteCOT.

03/26/2004.  A memory about Scotch Eggs has been added to the Epcot Shops and Restaurants pages.  Pictures of coming attractions signs for proposed World Showcase countries have been added and more information about the Tinkerbell Toy Shop has been added.  

03/22/2004  A matchbook cover has been added to the King Stefan's page.

03/21/2004  The original WEDway PeopleMover narration script has been added.  All audio links to MouseEars should be working now.  The visitor counter is now working again and has been reset.

03/13/2004  A section on the original Hall of Presidents show has been added.  The Contemporary and Polynesian now each have their own section in the Last Resorts area.

03/11/2004  More 1972 scans have been added in the new Fort Wilderness section, as well as the Walt Dated World Resorts, Tragic Kingdom, and Everything Else pages.

03/08/2004 Doug Marsh has generously donated scans from a 1972 brochure, one of which is at the top of this page.  Watch for more soon!

02/07/2004  A picture of a River Country / Discovery Island ticket from 1980 has been added to the ticket page.

01/25/2004  Two new Mr. Toad pictures have been added in Fantasyland.  Some of the Legend of the Lion King pictures have been replaced with ones that have more clarity.

01/21/2004  A Treasure Island/Rescuers contest ad has been posted on Discovery Island, as well as the Signs of Conservation questions and answers.

01/20/2004  A picture of an early 1970's Country Bear coloring book has been added to the Bearly Country Store in Frontierland.  A picture of one of the scavenger hunt buttons has been added to Discovery Island. The Universe of Energy comic book has been rescanned to look better and River Country has been added in the Resorts Section.

01/14/2004 Some new 1980 ticket scans have been added.

12/12/2003  A special ticket used as a prize during the 15th Anniversary Celebration has been added to that page.  Walt Dated World is now listed as a link on Internet Movie Database to several Walt Disney World specials of the past!

11/26/2003  A new picture of the Magic Journeys Fantasyland attraction poster has been added.  Grand Prix Raceway has been given its own page instead of sharing space on the main Tomorrowland page and the WEDway PeopleMover has been added.

11/09/2003  It's been a quiet few months around here because I'm back in class for the semester.  At the end of October, the address for Walt Dated World was published in a web blog and the resulting heavy traffic caused the site to go down from mid October until November 1.  With midterms ending next week, I hope to post some more updates.  

08/31/2003  A very surreal drawing has been added to the 20,000 Leagues page.

08/15/2003  Tapestry of Nations and Tapestry of Dreams have been added to Epcot.  One of the pictures in Millennium Village has been re-scanned for added clarity.  

08/09/2003 The monorail page and Mission to Mars have been updated.

08/02/2003  Some new software has been added so there's more bandwidth and less down time.  Also, no more ads!

07/12/2003  A picture of the America on Parade Viewmaster set has been added, as well as a re-scanned copy of the America on Parade Little Golden Book.

06/22/2003  A picture sleeve of a song made for Mickey's 50th birthday has been added to the parade page.  Some more shops and restaurants have been added to Epcot.

06/21/2003  A ride script of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea has been posted.

04/30/2003  There's been a lot of traffic to this site lately so I apologize if it was down when you tried to visit.  The script and a storyboard sketch of the Bird and Robot show have been added to the World of Motion.  Compete lyrics and information about the Astuter Computer Revue have also been added.  A script from Theater 1 (The Energy Creation Story) of Universe of Energy has also been added.  

04/26/2003 By request, a picture of the old bride figure from Haunted Mansion has been added.

03/28/2003 A new picture has been added to the Spaceship Earth section and some World Showcase shops have been added to the Epcot shops and Restaurants section.  The World Showcase Parade has been added in the Shows and Parade section and a picture of the sheet music for "The Best Time of Your Life" is now in Tomorrowland.  A picture of the Astuter Computer Revue can now be seen on the CommuniCore page.

03/22/2003  A concept painting of a proposed coaster in Dinoland has been added to Walt Deleted World.  The "Best Time of Your Life" version of Carousel of Progress has been added to Tomorrowland.  A picture has also been added to the Magic Journeys page.

03/21/2003  The 20,000 Leagues page has been updated, complete with two new pictures.  Lumiere's Kitchen has also been added to Fantasyland.

03/19/2003  The Diamond Horseshoe page has been revised and a new picture has been added to Politically Incorrect Pirates.

03/06/2003  By request, a picture of the "Rainbow Brite" character outfits has been added to ObsoleteCOT.

02/22/2003  Walt Dated World has a new ISP and a new address!  I hope to remove the banner ads soon.  

02/11/2003  There have been a few problems updating this page.  I hope to fix this soon.

01/19/2003  Politically Incorrect pirates have invaded Adventureland!  Ticket prices from 2002 have also been added, as well as some more recipes.

01/08/2003  Lots of little things have been added, especially in the MGM Shops and Restaurant page.

12/22/2002  A history of Mark IV monorails that was written by an actual Walt Disney World Cast Member has been added to the TTC monorail page.  

12/21/2002  I just returned from Walt Disney World and more pictures will be posted soon.  New today is picture in the Mr. Toad section and another on the Mickey Mouse Revue page.

11/02/2002  The Mickey Mouse Revue section gets yet another picture.  A Grand Prix attraction poster has also been added to Tomorrowland.  The Hunchback of Notre Dame show has been added, as well as another picture from the Doug Show.

11/01/2002  There have been some ongoing problems with Walt Dated World's new web publishing software.  In the event that there is a publishing problem, a message from Mouseketeer Alison will be posted in the guestbook.  Direct from Tokyo Disneyland, some new pictures of the Mickey Mouse Revue have been posted.  Another Keel Boat picture has also been added.  

10/13/2002 MouseEars has changed addresses so all of the links have been changed.  Please let me know if you have problems with the new links.  Another recipe has also been added.

09/23/2002  A  few recipes were added and some work was done on the Monkees portion of this page.

09/08/2002  Walt Dated Word has switched to new publishing software and we had a slight scare when the site was republished.  The site was unavailable on the web for a few hours!  Luckily Billy over at MouseEars helped us fix everything.  Please let us know if you can't see any of the pictures or if you have any other problems with the page.  Also, the Mickey Mouse: Fashion Plate section will have to go on a site for things no longer in Walt Dated World!  It was one of the least visited portions of Walt Dated World, took up a lot of space and really didn't fit in with the theme of this page.  

09/02/2002  Walt Deleted World: Concepts That Were Never Built is now open!  See Walt Disney World projects that never made it off the drawing board soon!  Some more recipes have also been added.

08/31/2002  More defunct recipes have been added.  There is now a section under Last Resorts for things that no longer exist at the Contemporary and Polynesian.  It's called Walt Dated World Resorts.

08/25/2002 More pictures have been added, including a picture of a cup from Chef Mickey's Village Restaurant.  The recipe page is now open.  It's called What's (No Longer) Cooking? and it can be accessed through the Everything Else page.

08/10/2002  Walt Dated World finally has a new scanner!  Check out new pictures at Dixie Landings, Keel Boats, Davy Crockett Canoes, the monorail and more!

07/27/2002  Lyrics to the Tiki Room song have been added.  Work has begun on a recipe page.  

07/26/2002  A Monorail spiel from 1998 has been added to the new TTC Monorail page.

07/22/2002  Work on the Monkees section of this page will be taking place over the next few days and then I plan to add some more lyrics and monorail spiels to Walt Dated World.

07/12/2002  A new Monorail section has been added to the TTC that includes a Monorail spiel from 1972.

07/10/2002  My scanner is broken and I'm not able to add any new pictures at this time!  I hope to fix this problem soon.  I will be out of town next week so it may be a week or two before there are any new updates.

06/16/2002  I am now back from WDW!  I have updated some of the pages with new information that I found out when I was visiting the parks.

06/02/2002  A new audio link has been posted to MouseEars.

05/25/2002  The audio links have been fixed and more have been added.

05/22/2002 I found some Mouseka-Mistakes from yesterday when I posted the links to MouseEars.  I'm in the process of fixing them.

05/21/2002 More audio links to MouseEars have been posted.

05/20/2002  The first audio links to MouseEars are ready!

04/28/2002  The Mike Fink Keel Boats and the Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes have been added to Frontierland/Liberty Square.  A picture of the exterior sign has been added to Bearly Country.

04/16/2002  Two more ticket pictures have been added to the TTC.

04/14/2002  Two new ticket pictures have been added to the TTC.

04/11/2002  Spaceship Earth and Earth Station have been added to ObsoleteCOT.

04/08/2002  Lyrics to the "Great Outdoors" song from the Country Bear Vacation Hoedown have been added, as well as part of the Barker Bird script from Tropical Serenade.

04/07/2002 Relive the Kitchen Kabaret show with all of the lyrics at ObsoleteCOT.

04/04/2002 The Universe of Energy has finally been added to ObsoleteCOT.

03/25/2002  Lyrics to the "Makin' Memories" and "It's Fun to Be Free" have been added.  Lyrics have also been added for the song "New Horizons".

03/21/2002  There is now an FAQ in the Mouseketeer Alison Clubhouse section, as well as a Countdown to Extinction/Walt Dated World list.  Lyrics have also been added for "Listen to the Land" and "One Little Spark".

03/18/2002 Lyrics to the song "Magic Journeys" have been posted.

03/06/2002 There is a new ticket picture posted in the TTC and a ticket to the character breakfast on the Empress Lilly page.  

02/28/2002 There is a new section in ObsoleteCOT for all of the shows and Legend of the Lion King has been added to Fantasyland.

02/24/2002 Some new pictures have been added, as well as Surprise in the Skies.

02/22/2002  The Bear in the Big Blue House show and Doug Live! have been added.

02/17/2002  Walt Dated World's Pleasure Island is now open!  Follow the link from the Out of Business Disney Village/Marketplace page.  

02/10/2002  Lots of new stuff added!  See the new picture of the Fort Wilderness Railway, the Hallmark shop, and more ticket and shop info.  

02/09/2002  Visitors will be happy to find out that Journey Into Your Imagination is now part of Walt Dated World.

01/20/2002  A new ticket picture has been posted at the TTC.

01/19/2002 Additional information is now posted about the Swan Boats and Fort Wilderness Railway.  Walt Dated World shoppers will notice something familiar on the Last Resorts page.

01/11/2002 More ticket prices have been posted.

01/07/2002  Additional information is now posted about Splashtacular.

01/04/2002  The Remember the Magic/Disney's Magical Moments Parade has been added to the Magic Kingdom.  There are also new ticket prices in the TTC section.  

12/30/2001  Additional information is now posted about the Admiral Joe Fowler Riverboat and Donald's 50th Birthday parade.  

11/09/2001  Check out Everything Else.  Mouseketeer Alison's Clubhouse is now open there.

10/27/2001 The Bob-A-Round boats float once more on the Everything Else page.

10/14/2001  More ticket pictures have been added to the TTC page and a license from the Grand Prix Raceway has been added to Tomorrowland.

10/09/2001  A new picture of the second Barker Bird has been added to Adventureland and a new picture of Mickey's Character Shop is added to the Out of Business section.

10/08/2001  A new section has been added called Everything Else.  Look for the Buena Vista Club there and also the Walt Disney World Conference Center.

09/26/2001 After searching the vast Mouseketeer Alison Archives, a picture of one of the old ride coupon books is now posted at the TTC.

09/23/2001  Added info to some of the shops and restaurant pages and a picture of Broccoli & Co.

09/20/2001  The Villas/Village Resort/Disney Institute section is now open at Last Resorts.

09/16/2001 See the new Mulan and Hercules parades at Disney/CondeMnedGM Studios.  There are also new pictures throughout Walt Dated World.  Check them out!  The Dick Tracy page has also been expanded.

09/07/2001 Dixie Landings is now open at Last Resorts.  There are now even more ticket pictures and prices at the TTC.

09/06/2001 The ticket pictures and prices just keep on coming at the TTC.

09/03/2001  Added Hook's Tavern to Fantasyland and more ticket prices and pictures to the TTC.

09/01/2001 Added more 1970s ticket prices to Transportation and Ticket Center.

08/26/2001  Added Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Disney/CondeMnedGM Studios show page.  Also added more ticket prices to Transportation and Ticket Center.  The Splashtacular picture in ObsoleteCOT should now be fixed.

08/25/2001  Added the Admiral Joe Fowler Riverboat to Frontierland and a page on the Main Street Cinema.  Also added a new Captain Eo picture to Magic Eye Theater.

08/21/2001  Added the Walt Disney Story to Main Street.  

08/14/2001 Added Eastern Airlines poster to If You Had Wings/If You Could Fly.  Old time visitors will recognize the graphic now on all Tragic Kingdom and ObsoleteCOT Shopping pages.  Yet another picture added to Mickey Mouse Revue.  New pictures added to Fantasyland Skyway and Mickey's 50th Birthday Parade.

08/12/2001  Added several new pictures to the expanded Mickey Mouse Revue page.

08/07/2001  Added new Country Bear item to Bearly Country.  

07/31/2001 Added Mickey's Film Express film envelope picture to Main Street Camera Center and an exterior shot of the Country Bear Vacation Hoedown.

07/11/2001  The America on Parade page has been greatly expanded.  Check out the picture of the GAF Camera Center on Main Street's Shops and Restaurant page.

07/09/2001 See the Updated Mickey Mouse Revue page.

06/22/2001  Added more Country Bear pictures for your viewing pleasure.  Check out the enhanced parades section under Tragic Kingdom and view some merchandise inspired by America on Parade.  Check the Bearly Country page for Country Bear merchandise and the Centorium for Figment items.

06/18/2001 Updated Country Bear Vacation Hoedown page.

06/05/2001  Added the Magical World of Barbie and Splashtacular to ObsoleteCOT.  Updated Mickey Mania page.

05/31/2001  Added Safari Village to Extinct Animal Kingdom and a Show page to Disney/CondeMnedGM Studios.  This site is now a community member of Laughing

05/16/2001  Added Silversmith picture.

05/09/2001 Added Fort Wilderness Railway and Golf Resort/Disney Inn.

05/04/2001 Added Spirit of Pocahontas and Ace Ventura Pet Detective: Live in Action.  

05/03/2001 The guest counter should be working on the main page now.  

04/25/2001 Added more depressingly cheap ticket prices to TTC page.

04/24/2001 Added new graphic on home page.

04/23/2001 Added New Century Clock Shop picture and more to TTC page.

04/22/2001  Added to the Transportation and Ticket Center.

04/20/2001 The guestbook should be up and running now.  You can also e-mail Mouseketeer Alison by clicking on the mail link.

04/16/2001 Added graphics to ObsoleteCOT pages.

04/13/2001 Created CommuniCore page and revamped layout on many pages.

04/06/2001 Created Main Street Electrical Parade page and Shops and Restaurant pages for ObsoleteCOT and Disney/CondeMnedGM Studios.

04/04/2001: Revamped Journey Into Imagination page.  Created separate pages for the Image Works and Magic Eye Theater.  Added Countdown to Extinction page.

03/08/2001  Added Walt Dated World Ticket and Transportation Center.

02/25/2001  Added links back to each land for better navigation.  Added picture to Disney/CondeMnedGM Studios.

02/24/2001  Updated Circle-Vision and welcome page.  Added photo to Mr. Toad page.  Updated Dreamflight/Take Flight.

02/19/2001  Changed America the Beautiful page to cover all Circle-Vision films.  Added Dick Tracy Diamond Double-Cross and Dreamflight/Take Flight.  Added picture to Country Bears.  Created separate parade page for Main Street parade.  Added Penny Arcade page and House of Magic picture.  

02/18/2001  Added more pictures to Disney Village and The Land.  Created pages for America the Beautiful and Flight to the Moon/Mission to Mars.  Added pictures to World of Motion.

02/17/2001  Added Shops and Restaurants to Tragic Kingdom.  Added Captain Eo picture to Journey Into Imagination.  Updated The Land.  Added pictures to Tropical Serenade and Country Bear Vacation Hoedown.

02/14/2001  Updated Discovery Island and Walt Disney World Village pages.

02/13/2001  Updated Superstar Television, Monster Sound Show, Aladdin's Royal Caravan, and Here Come the Muppets pages.

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