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Mickey Mania Parade

Mickey Mania Parade

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Mickey Mania parade

  Mickey Mania made its debut on June 1, 1994.  There were over 100 performers in the parade and every float featured people dressed to represent an element of Mickey.  The parade started with people on skateboards, dirt bikes and roller blades in front of a float featuring a tornado slide with the parade logo and characters such as Pluto and Roger Rabbit.  Stiltwalkers wearing top hats with mouse ears followed behind.  
 This was followed by two people pushing a rolling mouse ear silhouette.  Inside each of the circles was a Mickey inflatable.  The main float in this section was proceeded by people wearing inflatable Mickey costumes that made them look like Weebles/Roly Polys.  They were followed by people riding on inflatable hop balls.  The main float featured Goofy and Max with tanks of air that were blowing up a giant Mickey balloon and smaller ones on the sides.  Behind them were more people wearing inflatable Mickey costumes that were designed to look like Mickey was walking on his hands.  
 The next unit was introduced by another rolling Mickey silhouette that had a gumball machine in the middle of it full of Mickey heads.  Mickey dolls were clamped to the ears of the silhouette.  Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter, Pinocchio, Geppetto and Wendy rode tricycles behind it.  The main float of this section featured Winnie the Pooh surrounded by Mickey toy plush.  Characters such as Tigger and Dopey walked behind it with Mickey puppets on their hands.  

Peter Pan Mickey Mania parade

 The next silhouette included Mickey-influenced television sets, followed by people pushing TV cameras.  Minnie performed on the main float with dancing musicians.  The next rolling mouse ear silhouette featured clock gears and introduced the main float featured a giant moving Mickey clock, complete with gears.  Chip and Dale were inside of the clock.  Characters that had something to do with time, such as Cogsworth, a watch-dealing Tick Tock Crocodile and The White Rabbit walked behind.  
 Pieces of Mickey were included in the next silhouette, such as his gloves and shoes.  This was followed by people wearing Mickey's traditional "Meet and Greet" outfit of red pants, black shoes, yellow tie and black coat.  Walking Mickey gloves, Mouseketeer ears and rolling Mickey shoes escorted the main float, which featured the real Mickey Mouse on it.  It depicted his various looks through the years and had a moving circle of Mickey roly poly toys and static wind-up Mickeys going up the float toward the real-life mouse.
  The parade song Rock the House with the Mouse was written by J. Cox and G. Smith.  Mickey Mania ran until September 30, 1996 when it was replaced by the Remember the Magic Parade.  A similar Mickey Mania parade ran around the same time at Tokyo Disneyland but it was not identical to the one at the Magic Kingdom.  

Parade Soundtrack

Woman Rapper: Yo there!  Listen up all you rad dudes!  Walt's house is rockin' with the mania that's hit the street with the brand new beat!

Goofy:  Garsh!  Sounds like a party!  Maybe I should make a cake.

Roger Rabbit:  Jeepers, Goofy.  It's not that kind of party.  It's a Def Jam and we're invited to groove with the rest of the gang!"

Woman Rapper: That's right Roger.  My main man, Mickey Mouse is bustin' fresh outasite.  He wants you all to chill hard and bump the bump while the mania grooves your moves.  Mickey Mania is taking control!

(Sampling of Mickey is heard saying "Oh Boy!", followed by the beginning of the 1955 "Mickey Mouse Club March".  The music then turns to techno-style.)

Singers:  Mickey, Mickey, Mickey Mania.  (Minnie laughs.)  Mickey, Mickey, Mickey Mania.  

Donald:  Oh boy, oh boy!

Woman Rapper:  Mickey here, Mickey there everywhere.  A  Mister Fine mouse about town.  Main Mouse Mickey, feelin' kind of tricky 'bout the ways he's always getting around.  

Chorus:  Yo there!  

Woman Rapper:  Heigh there, hi there.

Chorus:  Ho there!

Woman Rapper: Three cheers now.  Tell me who's been the mouse in the house for all these years.

Mickey: I'm all ears!  (Pluto howls.)

Chorus:  Can't get enough, can't get enough. (Donald laughs.)  Mickey Mania, far as you can see.  Mickey Mania.

Male Rapper:  Mick, Mick, Mickey.

Chorus:  Mickey Mania

Male Rapper:  Miles and miles of mouse.

Woman Rapper: So now Mickey, kick it.  You got the ticket.  

Chorus:  It's time to rock the house!  

Woman Rapper:  Dance!

(Sampling of Mickey saying "Oh Boy!"  is played, followed by the part of the "Mickey Mouse Club March" where the kids say "Yay, Mickey!")

Chorus:  Who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me?  

Woman Rapper: A-break it down now.  M-I-C

Chorus:  M-I-C!

Woman Rapper:  K-E-Y

Chorus:  K-E-Y!

Everyone (together):  M-O-U-S-E!  Go!  Go!  Go!

Woman Rapper:  Jammin' everywhere.

Chorus:  There he is!  There he is!  

Woman Rapper:  Gettin' through the air.

Chorus:  There he is!  There he is!

Woman Rapper:  Bustin' fresh with style!

Chorus:  There he is!  There he is!  

Woman Rapper:  What time is it?

Male Rapper:  He's there too!

Woman Rapper:  He's a groovin' dude!

All:  Go Mickey, go!

Woman Rapper:  He's on the move!

All: Go Mickey, go!

Woman Rapper:  Yo, sing it again.

(Sample of Jimmie Dodd saying "Why?  Because we like you!.")

Woman Rapper: Kick it!

Chorus: Can't get enough, can't get enough.

Woman Rapper: He's the one, two, three!  

Chorus:   Mickey Mania, never gonna end.  Mickey Mania, your bud, your pal your friend.  Mickey Mania, he's really a nice mouse.  

Minnie: He sure is!

Woman Rapper:  Now hold on, move it.  Live it up, groove it.  Give it up.  

All:  Rock the house with the mouse!  

Male Rapper:  It's a mania.  Mickey Mania.  It's insania.  Mickey Mania.  

Alternate Parade Dialogue
Roger Rabbit's dialogue was later removed and replaced by Goofy's son Max.  This was probably due to copyright issues between Disney and Steven Spielberg's Amblin company.  Oddly enough, Roger still sometimes appeared in the parade, even though he no longer spoke.

Goofy:  Gawrsh Max!  Sounds like a party!  Do you think I ought to bring some punch?  

Max:  Aw dad, you're such a narfo.  It's a def jam and we're all gonna groove with the rest of the gang.  

Woman Rapper:  That's right, Max.  The Magic Kingdom's main mouse is in the house.  

Minnie:  Oh!  Mickey's here?

Donald:  Oh boy!  

Dale:  Hey, Chip!  We're going to a party!

Chip:  A party?  Yay!  

Woman Rapper:  You got it.  My main man, Mickey Mouse is bustin' fresh outasite.  He wants you all to chill hard and bump the bump while the mania grooves your moves.  Mickey Mania is taking control!

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