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Tomorrowland Walt Disney World

Tomorrowland Walt Disney World

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Walt Dated World's Tomorrowland

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Tomorrowland logo.

The Extra TERRORestrial Alien Encounter: Replaced Mission to Mars and opened on June 20, 1995.  It closed on October 11, 2003 and later became Stitch's Great Escape!

Galaxy Palace Theater: Formerly known as Tomorrowland Stage, this performance area was open from December 15, 1994 to January 4, 2009 and featured the Galaxy Search show as well as shows during Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party.  

Tomorrowland Light & Power Co.:  A large arcade and shop at the exit of Space Mountain that opened on February 1, 1995.  The arcade portion closed on February 9, 2015.  

Tomorrowland Stage: Stage between Carousel of Progress and If You Had Wings/If You Could Fly/Dreamflight from 1980 to December of 1994.  The Kids of the Kingdom performed the show Disney World is Your World on this stage starting October 2, 1981.  There was also a show called Show Biz Is that was performed from July 12, 1983 to September 27, 1985.  The stage closed September 17, 1994 and was later known as Galaxy Palace Theater.

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