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Mickey's Birthdayland

Mickey's Birthdayland

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All Aboard Mickey's Birthdayland Express!

Mickey's Birthdayland Express train Walt Disney World

 Mickey Mouse turned 60 years old in 1988.  Walt Disney World erected what was supposed to be a temporary land to celebrate his birthday but it proved to be very popular with guests and guaranteed a place where they could meet Mickey.  As guests entered the Magic Kingdom, they would hear an announcement from Minnie, saying that she was having a surprise birthday party for Mickey and that once they were inside the park, they could go to the railroad station and she would send a special train to pick them up from Main Street or Frontierland.  The train featured a very catchy song and cutouts of Disney characters were placed along the tracks that showed them traveling to Mickey's birthday party.  Once Mickey's Birthdayland was converted to Mickey's Starland, the song was changed so that the train was "rollin' on the Walt Disney World Express."  

Mickey's Birthdayland Express Song (Excerpts)
(This narration only includes only the segments that were unique to Mickey's Birthdayland and does not include the rest of the "everyday" train spiel.)

Conductor:  All aboard for Birthdayland!

Chorus:  Rollin', rollin' on the Express.
We're rollin', on Mickey's Birthdayland Express.
We're going off to Mickey's Birthdayland,
and we're so glad that you could come along and join the gang.

Goofy: You'll have a whole lotta fun!  (This line was also said during the song by Donald.)

Minnie Mouse:  So come on, everyone!  (This line was also said during the song by Chip and Dale.)

Chorus:  We've got a big surprise for Mickey Mouse.
It's all aboard the Express bound for Birthdayland,
we have a date with Mickey Mouse's Birthdayland.
We'll have a whole lotta fun,
so come on everyone.
We've got a big surprise for Mickey Mouse.
We've got a big surprise for Mickey,
A Birthday bash for Mickey.
Big surprise for Mickey Mouse.
Rollin', rollin' on the Express.
Rollin', rollin' on the Express.

(Approaching Mickey's Birthdayland.)

Conductor: Our next stop is Duckberg, home of work famous movie stars...As you know, Duckberg is the feather pillow capital of America.  Things have been good for the Duckbergers.  Down is up! (Laughs then clears throat.) Next stop, Mickey's Birthdayland!  Now you see that house over there, that's where Mickey Mouse lives.  Minnie's got the party all set up out back.  Just go on through the house.  

(Approaching Main Street, U.S.A.)

Conductor: Welcome aboard the Birthdayland Express folks, bound for Main Street, U.S.A and the Frontierland station.  While on board, please keep those old arms and legs inside the train, and no eating, drinking or smoking.

Chorus:  Rollin', rollin' on the Express.
We're rollin', on Mickey's Birthdayland Express.
Oh we will always love our Mickey Mouse.
And if you ever want to take a ride to Mickey's house,
just catch the train on the track and we'll take you back,
to all the fun we had with Mickey Mouse.
Rollin', rollin' on the Express.
We're rollin', on Mickey's Birthdayland Express.

Birthdayland / Duckburg

 The land that was later known as Mickey's Toontown Fair was originally known as Mickey's Birthdayland from June 18, 1988-April 22, 1990.  Carol Burnett, Cindy Williams from Laverne & Shirley and Nancy Reagan participated in opening ceremonies for the land.  Guests could enter the land through an entrance between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.  A train station was also built so that Mickey's Birthdayland Express could drop off passengers.  

Mickey's Birthdayland Duckburg sign

 Mickey's Birthdayland consisted of the town of Duckburg.  Although the photo below shows a Mickey balloon with red pants, there was also a Mickey balloon with a red, white and blue Uncle Sam-type outfit.  Within the town, guests could view small-scale storefronts and walk through Mickey's house and see Pluto's doghouse in the backyard.  There was also a playground and a topiary/shrub maze.

Bird's eye view of Mickey's Birthdayland

Minnie's Surprise Birthday Party Show

Mickey's Birthdayland guide 1

 After walking through Mickey's house, guests would pass other character dwellings, such as Donald Duck's boat (not the boat that was later in Toontown Fair) and then arrive at the Birthday Party Tent.  After watching Disney cartoons in a holding area, guests could see a show called Minnie's Surprise Birthday Party. The title pretty much described the plot of the show and featured a song called "We Love You Mickey Mouse."   After the show, guests would proceed to another room where Mickey and the gang did another short performance on top of a birthday cake with exploding confetti candles.  The show ran until April 22, 1990 and became Mickey's Magical TV World once the area was known as Mickey's Starland.  After the show, guests could visit with Mickey in his dressing room at the Hollywood Theater.  This element was held over once the area was known as Mickey's Starland and closed on March 11, 1996.

Minnie Surprise Party Show at Mickey's Birthdayland

Grandma Duck's Farm

Grandma Duck's Farm at Mickey's Birthdayland

 Grandma Duck's petting farm was presented by Friskies.  The star of the farm was Minnie Moo the cow, who had a Mickey Mouse head on one side of her body.  The barn closed March 11, 1996 and Minnie Moo was moved to the petting farm in Fort Wilderness and died in the summer of 2001.  Other animals such as chickens, ducks, goats, pigs and miniature horses were also featured.  Grandma Duck's Farm later became the entrance/queue for Goofy's Barnstormer roller coaster.

Minnie Moo the cow at Mickey's Birthdayland
(Photos courtesy of Alex Newborn.)

 If you got hungry in Birthdayland, you could buy cupcakes, ice cream and drinks from a cart for your own impromptu birthday party.  You could also buy special Mickey Mouse 60th Birthday merchandise from another cart that was located nearby.

Mickey's Birthdayland guide 2

Walt Disney World Discover guide featuring Mickey's Birthdayland

(Thanks to Mark Thompson and Brotherdave for some of the pictures on this page.  Thanks to Hailey Shannon for the Starland show photos.  The guide book photos are from Johnny Casella)

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