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Breakfast with Melvin the Moose

Breakfast with Melvin the Moose

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Memories of a Moose

Breakfast with Melvin the Moose

 Walt Dated World reader Alex sent in a memory about a character breakfast he remembers from Fort Wilderness: "The Melvin the Moose breakfast show featured the moose-head from Country Bears Jamboree in sort of a Mickey Mouse Club parody. They gave out kazoos with the breakfast.  I read somewhere that the version I saw ran only a year, from 1986-1987 after which they added Chip and Dale."

Chip and Dale at the Breakfast with Melvin Moose

 Jim from also has memories about this breakfast.  "The show ran for a few years at Fort Wilderness on the same stage as the 'Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue.'  It featured Chip 'n' Dale, a strange looking Melvin the Moose (like the one from The Country Bear Jamboree) that hung on the wall, and two "face"' characters "Alabam" and "Cindy Lou" (is that right? Cindy Lou?).

Cast Members from the Breakfast with Melvin the Moose

 Alabam dressed in a gingham shirt and overalls, Cindy Lou in a gingham dress.  Both spoke as country bumpkins.  The show ran about 45 minutes with songs, interaction with the kids, and a fairly nice breakfast.  I actually was a 'sub' for Alabam in 1987-88, and performed the show a dozen or so times.  It was fun."

Cast Members with Melvin the Moose

 Walt Dated World reader Richard Yurch shares the following memory.  "One thing that I didn't see was a reference to Chip & Dale's Breakfast Jamboree. Around 1990, on my daughter's first trip to Walt Disney World, we took her to the breakfast show at Wilderness Hall. It was sort of an early morning version of " The Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue" hosted by Chip & Dale. If I recall we attended the last show, during Labor day weekend."

Cast of Breakfast with Melvin the Moose

Brad sent in the following memory:  "Before the show began it was like a standard character breakfast with Chip and Dale and a couple of the Country Bears greeting the tables. I remember Liver Lips being quite intimidating. He was a very tall bear. I can't remember the whole menu, but chocolate Chip (and Dale!) muffins were part of it. Between all the singing and dancing, while folks were eating, they showed a couple of the old animated shorts projected on stage. Also, the kazoos they gave out were used in the big finale where the audience got to make a whole lot of noise as part of a song. It was a lot like the end of the Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue where people in the audience are given washboards to play along."

Dancing during Breakfast with Melvin the Moose
(Thanks to Brad for sending in all of the video screenshots used on this page.)

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