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Walt Disney World Monorails

Walt Disney World Monorails

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Walt Disney World monorail posters revised version

A Monorail Fire

 In June of 1985, Monorail Silver arrived at the EPCOT Center station with a flat tire.  A backup tire was placed on car and the fully loaded vehicle set out for the Transportation and Ticket Center.  The backup tire went flat and this caused the metal tire rim to start scraping the concrete beam.  The torn tire ignited from the sparks and flames and smoke spread to the bottom of the car.  Noticing a warning light in the cockpit, the pilot stopped the monorail and radioed for help but the train was 30 feet up in the air.  Two brave passengers in the car broke windows and forced open a door before finding a hatch that led to the roof.  They pulled everyone out of the car to the top of the train, helped people out of the other cars and slid down the front onto the track.  No one was hurt but the last car was completely burned and the second to last car was damaged.  The picture below is from the Orlando Sentinel and shows the aftermath of the fire.

Walt Disney World Monorail fire from 1985

Junked Monorails

Once the Mark IV monorails were retired, they were sold for scrap.  Walt Dated World reader Wayne O. saw the junked Mark IV monorails: "At least some of the trains were sold for scrap to a Tampa metal yard. The Tampa Tribune ran a picture of one of the monorails in a heap and my grandfather and I actually went to the yard to check it out (off Adamo Drive near Ybor City). The monorail had been stripped of anything we could take as a souvenir, but it was clearly the old monorails in a huge terrible pile. You could walk in them and even sit in the seats. It was sad, but kind of neat. We may have been the last people to sit in some of the trains!"

Scrapped Walt Disney World Monorail in junkyard

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