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Fireworks Factory

Fireworks Factory

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Fireworks Factory Exterior Pleasure Island Walt Disney World

 This eatery was operated by the Levy Restaurants of Chicago, who also operated the Portobello Yacht Club and later Fulton's Crab House.  Island legend states that Merriweather Pleasure manufactured fireworks in the building until his cigar created an explosion.  The restaurant showed signs of the accident (the floor was stained with gunpowder) and was decorated with authentic firework props from the Grucci family fireworks manufacturer.  The restaurant advertised that it had "Dynamite Food" and "Explosive Specials".  

Fireworks Factory Interior Pleasure Island Walt Disney World

 The Factory seated 377 and had two dining rooms.  Food included ribs (baby back and Texas beef) that were smoked over an Applewood grill and featured a custom barbeque sauce, the Fireworks 3 & 3 Combo (hot chicken wings, catfish, and barbecue shrimp),  barbecued chicken, filet mignon, pork chops, and Kansas City strip steak.  Desserts included Atomic Chocolate Cake, Key Lime Pie, Turtle Pie, Ben & Jerry's (later Edy's) ice cream and Tollhouse Cookie Sundaes.  Drinks from the bar included the Coconut Peach Explosion and Pleasure Island Iced Tea.  

Fireworks Factory Pleasure Island interior Walt Disney World

 Fireworks Factory also sold merchandise bearing the restaurant logo on items such as shirts and hurricane glasses, as well as bottles of barbeque sauce.  There were also matchbooks released with Fireworks Factory and Pleasure Island logos.  The restaurant later became Wildhorse Saloon in 1999 and in 2001 the space became Motion.

Fireworks Factory Menu Pleasure Island Walt Disney World
(Menu courtesy of Bill Allhusen.)

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