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Monkee CD Tracker FAQ

Monkees CD Tracker FAQ

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Get Answers to the Most Common Questions Here!

Monkees Davy Jones
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What's the purpose of this page?
This page is set up to try and track down all 4500 copies of the Monkees Headquarters Sessions CD and all 3500 copies of the Monkees Summer 1967: The Complete Concert Recordings CD.  Pages listing the other numbered releases and the TV series are coming soon.   This list does not include the bootleg copies that often show up on eBay.  

Why are you doing this?  Who are you collecting all this demographic information for?
I just thought it would be an interesting thing to do and I thought other Monkee fans might find it interesting too. I also thought it would be neat to see if people within the same geographic areas had similar numbers and to see where all the copies ended up.  This information will not be used to target audiences for marketing purposes.

How do I submit my CD number(s)?
E-mail me.  Be sure to reference the CDs in the subject line or your message may not be read.  Tell me which CD you have, the number, your name, and location.  Please understand that any information you send to me will be added to the site.  I don't always have time to acknowledge that I've received your numbers but they will get added to the page.   

You spelled my name wrong/got my location wrong/got my number wrong!
I'm not perfect!  Let me know and I'll correct it.  

I heard that some of the CDs were not numbered.  Is this true?
Promo copies of Summer 1967 were not numbered and had a hole punched into the barcode.  Some CDs of Headquarters Sessions were also issued without numbers for promotional reasons.  There have also been bootleg CD-R copies of Headquarters Sessions sold on eBay so be careful if you have any set that isn't numbered!

Do you track the numbered vinyl edition of Selections From The Headquarters Sessions?  There are 2500 copies.
Not currently at this time.

Do you track other CD Handmade issues from The Monkees that are numbered?
This will be coming soon.  

I saw people listing their CD numbers on a message board.  Do you want me to send the numbers to you?
I will only accept numbers sent directly to me.  I don't want to use anybody's information without their permission due to respect for their privacy.  I will take numbers of CDs that are offered for sale on eBay or in retail stores as these CDs do not yet belong to someone.  I will accept number and seller's location for eBay copies for sale (I won't use the dealer's name.)  For store copies, I will use number, store name, and store location.

Where can I buy these CDs?
Both CDs were issued by Rhino's internet-only label called Rhino Handmade.  You can buy them using the Amazon links below.  If you are using a pop up blocker, you will need to disable it in order to buy.

Buy The Monkees Headquarters Sessions here:

Buy The Monkees Summer 1967 here:

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