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Main Street Electrical Parade

Main Street Electrical Parade

 Main Street Electrical Parade train

This "spectacular festival pageant of nighttime magic and imagination" with "thousands of sparkling lights and electro-synthomagnetic musical sound" was a guest favorite.  It premiered in 1972 at Disneyland and June 11, 1977 at Walt Disney World.  Many floats came and went throughout the years at both parks but all of them featured Disney music on a synthesizer intertwined with a non-Disney song called Baroque Hoedown.  
 This song was suggested for the parade by Jack "The Voice of Disney" Wagner (he's the voice on the monorail that reminds you to "please stand clear of the doors.")  It was written by Jean-Jacques Perrey and Gershon Kingsley.  They also wrote the theme song to the CBS version of The Joker's Wild.
 The Florida version of the parade was sponsored at one point by Energizer and ended on September 14, 1991.  Spectromagic premiered in its place the following month.  The floats for the old Florida Electrical Parade were then sent to Disneyland Paris, where it made its debut in 1992.  
 The Electrical Parade then came back to Florida on May 28, 1999, only it wasn't the original Walt Disney World version.  This time around, it was the Disneyland version, which stopped running in California in 1996.     This version of the parade ended in Florida on April 1, 2001 and was again replaced by Spectromagic.  The Main Street Electrical Parade was renamed Disney's Electrical Parade when it went to California Adventure in July of 2001.

Here's some floats from the Alice in Wonderland portion of the parade.
Main Street Electrical parade bug    Main Street Electrical Parade Turtle

Here's the Dumbo's Circus portion of the parade.  And no, that wasn't Prince John or King Richard from Robin Hood playing the calliope.  It was King Leonidus from Bedknobs and Broomsticks.
Main Street Electrical parade hippo  Main Street Electrical Parade bear

Main Street Electrical Parade elephant

Elliot from Pete's Dragon was a popular float.  
Main Street Electrical Parade Elliott Pete's Dragon

To Honor America wasn't added to the parade until 1979.
 Main Street Electrical Parade America float

Walt Dated World reader CobraG0318 sent this scan of a picture disc that was sold in both Florida and California.  Some copies of this record replace the word "Disneyland" on the red part of the record with "Disney's" or "Walt Disney World".

Main Street Electrical Parade picture disc.

Main Street Electrical Parade picture disc jacket

If you saw the parade in the last few days of March, 2001 at The Magic Kingdom, chances are you received a sticker like this one.

Main Street Electrical parade goodbye sticker

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