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Disney Image Works Epcot Center

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Epcot Image Works Stairs

 Once you exited the Journey Into Imagination ride, you could go up the spiral staircase (or elevator) to The Image Works.

Image Works sign epcot

 Image Works was a place where guests could participate in imagination-expanding activities such as Dreamfinder's School of Drama.  Through the wonders of Chroma-Key video, you could act out Daring Deputies and the Return of Sagebrush Sam, Acrobatic Astronauts in Galactic Getaway, and Enchanted Travelers-Wily Wizard and the Cranky King.  Computer screens had pictures such as  Figment and Dreamfinder that could be colored (a video with a puppet of Figment demonstrated how to color the pictures.)

Image Works coloring screen

 You could conduct an orchestra by waving your hands at the Electronic Philharmonic.  There were also "stepping tones" that played different instruments as each was stepped on and a rainbow corridor that could be walked through.  Also popular were large pin screens that could be played with and a Face Maker game that would take your headshot and allow you to distort it.

Image Works rainbow tunnel

 When the pavilion was remodeled, Image Works was moved to the first floor and on October 1, 1999 it became ImageWorks-The Kodak "What If" Labs.  Kodak finally ended its sponsorship in 2010.  You might be surprised to find out that the old Image Works is still upstairs and it's closer to the new Image Works than you think.  The half circle of penny presses and sticker kiosks (formerly the home of the Walt Disney World Forever CD kiosks) hides the old elevator and the roped off stairway is indeed the stairs to the old Image Works.  I had the chance to go upstairs in March of 2001 on a backstage Epcot tour and it was rather freaky to see the deserted upstairs with the same old familiar white, blue, and purple color scheme.  The pin screens are still there as well as the Electronic Philharmonic and Dreamfinder's School of Drama.  The Rainbow Tunnel and Face Maker kiosks are also still there.  

Brotherdave took this photo of the Image Works when it was upstairs.
Inside the Image Works

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