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Centorium entrance

 Located in CommuniCore East, this store was the largest merchandise shop in Future World.  The main floor had steps down to a sunken area and there was also an upstairs level that featured Disney animation art.  The store sign featured all of the Future World logos except for Wonders of Life.  The 1983 Birnbaum guide mentions that the store sold items such as solar toys and sculptures, natural food cookbooks, sprout jars, electronic toys and games and that kids would like the round glass elevator.  The store later became more Disney focused and was later replaced by Mouse Gear in September of 1999.   

Exterior of Centorium

Vintage Figment Merchandise

Figment ceramic figures
Ceramic Figment   Ceramic sweater Figment

PVC Figment figures.
PVC Figment figures

PVC Figment World Showcase figures.
PVC Figment World Showcase figures

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