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Unbuilt Resorts & More Concepts

Unbuilt Resorts & More Concepts

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 Several resorts near the Magic Kingdom were planned but never built.  The spot where the Grand Floridian is located was to be an Asian themed resort at one time.  Early monorail spiels even mention that this hotel was coming soon and the road that is now called Floridian Way used to be called Asian Way.  
 Disney would've beat out Las Vegas by nearly 30 years if they had built the planned Venetian Resort between the TTC and Contemporary.  The company supposedly leveled and graded the ground for construction but nothing was ever built at the site.  Supposedly there was a large sinkhole at the location.  The unbuilt Persian Resort was to be located off of the monorail spur east of the Magic Kingdom by Bay Lake.  

Walt Disney World unbuilt resorts

An early park map showed where the Persian Resort would be built.

Walt Disney World Persian Resort map

This concept painting shows a rejected building design for the Polynesian.

Walt Disney World Polynesian Resort concept art

 This concept model was featured on the back of a late 1970's park guide.  Imagine taking the monorail to Downtown Disney!  It would have alleviated a lot of parking problems there if this line had built and possibly could have changed the size or number of parking garages that Disney eventually built.  There were plans to put a second monorail station at Epcot so guests could transfer to the Downtown Disney line.  Cost was a big reason why this was never built.

Walt Disney World Downtown Disney monorail

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