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Unbuilt Epcot Future World Concepts

Unbuilt Epcot Future World Concepts

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Epcot: Future World

 Almost everyone knows that EPCOT Center was originally designed as a city where people lived and worked.  There are many concept paintings from this version of Epcot but Walt Deleted World's focus is on Epcot as a theme park and the attractions that were never built for it.  The original idea for Epcot was carried out in a somewhat modified form at the town of Celebration.

Tron Arcade

This was going to be built in CommuniCore West but it was never constructed.

(Thanks to Mark Thompson for the photo.)
Epcot unbuilt Tron Arcade

The Living Seas

 The beginning of the Living Seas preshow was originally designed to start out in a cave-like area.  Guests were supposed to be made to feel like a storm was coming.  The walls of the grotto would close in and Poseidon, the Greek God of the sea would appear as lightening flashed.  He was then supposed to serve as a narrator until guests reached the coral reef.

Epcot Living Seas concept model

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